Geronimo :BY zeke and michael


Geronimo was a leader and medicine man from the Bedonkohe band of the Chiricahua Apache. He led many native americans on raids against US and mexican forces


Geronimo was alive from June 16, 1829 to February 17, 1909


Geronimo lived in Arizona for most of his life, He then moved to an Arizona reservation


He was important because he led raids against american troops.


He was a important leader to Native Americans

Story Time

When geronimo was young, he supposedly swallowed the heart of his first kill to ensure a successful life. He belonged to the smallest part of his tribe, numbering only a little over 8,000. His life was full of raids and killing. He would kill other tribes and scalp them for money.

He eventually married and had 3 kids. But one night, their camp was raided and all his family were killed.

For the rest of his life Geronimo led many raids against American troops, over the next five years they fought in which was the last of the indian wars against the US.

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