The Cross of Snow By Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

In the poem "The Cross of Snow" the author talks about the death of his wife. He writes about how he sees her everyday in the room where she died and every night as he tries to sleep. He writes about how good of a person she was and how sad he is over her death. Life is mundane and unchanging without her there.

Frances Longfellow

The imagery in this poem give a visual of dark rooms and shadows. For example, "The night-lamp casts a halo of pale light." gives a visual of a dark room with just a small lamp providing light. Another example is "There is a mountain in the distant West that, sun-defying, in its deep ravines displays a cross of snow upon its side." this line gives a visual of a the dark side of a mountain where the sun doesn't touch it. This adds to the meaning and tone, which is mournful and sad, of the poem because the author uses them to show his sadness and his grief for the loss of his wife.

There are many metaphors in this poem. For example "A gentle face - the face of one long dead - looks at me from the wall" this line says that he sees the face of his dead wife, but that is a metaphor because if his wife is dead then he can't see her. What the line actually means is that he is always reminded of her. This adds to the meaning of the poem because he is mourning his wife, and one of the tones is mournful.

There is a lot of both positive and negative connotation in this poem. There are words like halo, light, and soul that are positive, and there are words like dead, night, and fire. The positive words describe how his wife was a good person and the negative words describe her death.


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