Our Project Rising Sun Sushi Restaurant

For our project, we decided to bring Christmas to Japan. On Christmas Day in the U.K the traditional meal is: Roast turkey, roast potatoes, steamed or boiled and Yorkshire pudding, among other things. In Japan Christmas isn't celebrated much and, due to advertising techniques by large companies, the Japanese don't really know how the West celebrate Christmas. KFC have had a major role in Japanese Christmas food and portrayed an image that we eat fried chicken on a Christmas Day, which we all know isn't true
Our project is to create a Christmas themed restaurant in which the Japanese can learn about Christmas. They can learn about: Father Christmas/Santa, Jesus Christ, the nativity story, Christmas food and drink etc.
This won't be just any restaurant. It will feature Christmas activities, such as: Bauble making, Gingerbread house making, Shortbread making, Christmas pudding and much more. Our restaurant will be situated in Tokyo, the capital of Japan, to attract a lot of customers. Much like Chinese restaurants in London, this restaurant will be a new experience that the Japanese people probably have never felt.
APEC is a very large trade bloc which encourages Pacific rim countries to trade with each other and boost the economy of less developed countries such as Indonesia and Malaysia. Our company will help these poorer people and will buy fish off small sellers such as 'Camilla CV' who are small sellers of many different types of fish including tuna and sea cucumbers. Seaweed can also be sourced in the trade bloc. Our building can also be built out of materials from inside the trade bloc, such as steel from China, bricks from Chile and paint from India.
Our restaurant is glocalised because it caters for the Japanese people's needs. Instead of serving Western food we will also serve sushi and other Japanese foods. All of the food will be served like other Japanese restaurants. Staff will be dressed in a Japanese fashion, customers will be treated similarly to other Japanese restaurants and our restaurant will also give the Japanese an insight into what Christmas is like in the U.K.
There are many other restaurants similar to this in Tokyo so it will not be viewed is rude or insulting. The Japanese eat a lot of rice so including rice dishes will be very important if we want them to feel comfortable. Seating will also be done in a Japanese fashion and the restaurant will obviously have to be kept very clean.
It is important that this project works as it will allow the Japanese to understand what most of the West do at Christmas. If lots of restaurants were set up in the world like this, it could strengthen the U.K.s relationship with Japan and many other countries.
Standard Christmas menus in Central London restaurants are often very expensive. An example of an expensive menu is Hilton Hotels. It is a global company. Their shops in the U.K. have adapted to its environment. The food is quite plain, with little seasoning. There is no garlic used in the menu due to the fact that roughly 17% of people in the UK claim they are allergic to garlic, when in reality only 0.2% of the population are actually allergic
There is a large difference compared to when the food branch is in Athens, Greece. There is way more flavourings as the Greeks are far more tolerant to flavour. The food used is sourced from Greece. The London menu is worth £20 while the Greek menu is worth €20. We worked these costs out by using produce sourced from both Greek and British suppliers. In Greece people were charged €30, while the British were charged £67 (€78.21)
The Greek price has been glocalised to fit the needs of the Greeks, as they have less money per capita (per person) compared to the UK. The Hilton company seized the opportunity to create expensive prices for the British as they have more money per capita
We will now present our menu for our glocalised restaurant


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