Suprised BY James H.

It was 2004 when James was born. His parents loved him and cared for him. But by the time he was 8 he was bored with his life he had no one to hang out will, and he had no sibling to play with. It was december 16 2012 and James just got home from basketball practice and his parents had to say something to him. “James come sit down we have to tell you something,” said his parents. “What do you have to say to me?” Dad said “well we just wanted to let you know that your mother is having a baby.” What I screamed with excitement, “you're having a baby.” Yup we are, and it is going to be a boy and he should be born in august next year.” “Wow I am speechless, I really can’t believe that you actually having a baby.” “Yup so for the next 8 months we are going to have to prepare,” said dad. So you mean like getting all the baby stuff out and getting his room setup and get his food. Ya so you’re going to have to help a lot getting set up for this. Ok I will try my best to help. The next day at school people said I heard your mom is having a baby. I asked how did you already find out? They said you mom made an announcement on the loudspeaker this morning to let us all know. Oh ok. At lunch the kids that were sitting with me asked me if they could help with anything to do with the baby. I said let me ask my mom to see if you guys could get some baby toys or something. So when I went home that day I asked my mom if some of my friends could by some baby toys to help out? She said sure but only a few kids can buy them. Ok I will let my friends know. After about 8 and a half months have past mom was getting ready to have her baby. The baby room was all set up, we had all the toys, we had the food for him, and all the cloths for him. I was so ready to have a little brother and be able to have someone to play with. I here someone yell we need to go mom is having her baby. Holy crap we need to get going. We were all in the car and mom says when are we going to be there? Dad says in about 5 minutes just keep breathing.

We are he I said, and dad got mom into the hospital fast and rushed her to her room. I was standing in the hall just waiting to be able to go into the room and see my brother.

I remember my mom and dad talking about naming him Jack. Swoosh went the door open and out came the doctor fast carrying a baby in his hand. I asked what are you doing with my brother? Going to get him help he has a heart problem and has pneumonia. What will he be ok? Yes we just need to get him warm. Will he be ok, is he going to live. We hope he will be ok so you mother can see him. How long until we can see him? We don’t know yet we will let you know when you can. Ok, I went into my mom’s room to check on her. And she was crying and sad. I asked what was wrong and she said she was sad she could not see Jack. It will be ok mom we are just going to have to wait and see what is going to happen. Ok she said with a sob. A few days have passed and we get this call from the hospital so my dad answered the phone. Hello is this the Hellers room we just want to let you Jack is ok. Really what room is he in? He is in room 6b come and get him. Ok we will get the as fast as we can. Dad and I got down there as fast as we could to see him.

When we got down there we picked him up and took him up to my mom’s room to surprise her. When she walked in the room her face lit up like christmas light on christmas. She said let me hold him after all it’s my kid. For hours my mom was holding him and cuddling him. About 5 hours after we got Jack the doctor walked in and said Tara you need to stay her for 1 week just so we can watch Jack to make sure he is ok. Sounds great. So the whole week we were in the hospital hanging out with Jack. Finally the day came the day we got to leave the hospital and go home. I could not wait to show Jack his new room, his new toys, and all of his stuff. On the way home I said I am glad I have a brother because now when he gets older I can play with him. Mom said I am sure everyone is happy Jack is alive. When we got home the first thing Jack did was crawl and we were all amazed. It was about 3:00 when we got home and Jack was already hungry so he started to cry. I asked why is he crying make him stop. I will make him stop once I find the food and feed him. But my mom could not find the food. So we looked at the security footage from a week ago and saw that people came into our house and stole all the baby stuff was stolen.

Surprised because baby stuff was stolen.

What know way I can’t believe that the all the stuff was stolen. What are we going to do we don’t have enough money to buy all new baby stuff. I don’t know what we are going to do about this, maybe we could send the security footage and see if they can do anything about it. My dad called the cops and got them over here to look at the video footage. About 10 ten minutes later a cop

showed up at our door and said, how can I help you? Well we got robbed when we were at the hospital. What did they steal? They stole all of our baby stuff and we got them on video. Can I see the video? Yes just come over here and look at the screen. The video was very long but by the end of the video the cop knew who the robber was his name was… BURKE WARREN and he stole all of the stuff. So the cop said I will call you when I catch him and I will get all of your baby stuff back, if I can’t I will have the police department pay for it.

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