DOGS by sylvia, luis, jocelyn, and Joyeuse


This is a puppy, a baby dog.

Dogs are man's best friend. Dogs have 4 legs. When dogs are happy they wag their tails. They have a good sense of smell. Some dogs are brown and black, and some dogs are brown and black and white. Some dogs look like wolves.


This dog is in her house.

There are dogs that live in a dog house. Other dogs live in the forest. Some dogs live outside on the streets. These dogs are called stray dogs.


This is how dogs eat.

New puppies needs mommy's milk. Adult dogs eat dog food. Dogs hunt other animals. Dogs live with humans inside or outside. Most dogs in the wild eat meat and plants. This means dogs are omnivores.

Interesting Facts

This dog is outside.

Smaller dogs usually live longer than large dogs. Dogs play with people. If people are blind the dogs help them get places. Dogs defend their family and dogs help good people.


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