Health and Safety Business Fundamentals

What will we learn and talk about today?

  • Learn about hazards and risks in the workplace
  • Identify hazards in the workplace, and solutions to reduce the risk of harm or injuries
  • Look at a case study on a UK company and be able to identify their health and safety procedures

Can you identify any hazards here?

Some of my own experiences

What are the hazards in these pictures?

Over to you!Circle on the paper the hazards that you can see

  • Identify the hazards in the pictures, and explain the risks,
  • For example, the fire exit is blocked. People might not be able to escape and could be in danger
  • How can we prevent these hazards from happening?
  • Think of some of the hazards that could occur in an office, or here in the classroom, explain the risks
  • Share your ideas in pairs, and then with the whole class

Watch the training video, and answer the questions

  • What should you wear in the training area?
  • What should you remember to do and why?
  • What kind of dangerous equipment is in the production area?
  • What should be worn to reduce the hazard ?
  • What other equipment is essential?
  • What can cause hearing loss?
  • What was his final piece of advice?

Time for individual work


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