Brooke Eden Act like you don't

Being a fairly new artist, I would love to see Brooke in a video that is all about her.

This pitch is simple but sometimes the best things are

I feel like Brooke needs to be on camera for as much time as possible in a video that is all about beauty and performance.

I’m seeing a series of images that you might see in a high end fashion magazine with gorgeous lighting and sexy photography. We could shoot everything in one day with set and wardrobe changes between.

We use light as representative of the “boyfriend” in the video, raking lights in through an unseen “window” and across Brooke as she performs to represent “a late night drive by.”

Similarly, we use multiple off flashing lights that illuminate Brooke’s face like a cell phone light might during the line “Drunk dial my phone around midnight.”

We shoot one typical direct to camera performance where Brooke is dressed as if on stage with guitar. With a rockstar lighting to match

In addition, I’m seeing Brooke in a bed with the sheets wrapped around her. Playing with some overhead photography and interesting angles

Marylin Manroe by Douglas Kirkland

A setup with Brooke standing beside a window. (where lights shine through venetian blinds and a setup with Brooke on a gorgeous chair or couch.

I want to play with light and color both in wardrobe and by using lighting gels. Lets come up with a color palette that showcases Brooke at her best go to town.

Created By
Paul Cain


Created with images by Gabriel GM - "Gradient"

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