New Hampshire founded in 1622 ashlyn hodge

John Mason

  • founded New Hampshire in 1622
  • received a patent ,and split it with Ferdinando Gorges, from the Council of New Hampshire
  • sadly he died his same year that he was preparing for a trip to go to the new colony

Congregational Church

  • the Congregational Church is the church of the Puritans before they grew out of it
  • the religon of the puritans of new hampshire was strict
  • they also reinforced strict moral code

geography and climate

  • there were mountains, trees, rivers
  • but sadly poor rocky soil that was unsuitable for crops
  • there was mild, short summers and long, cold winters

economy and roles of the woman and children

  • since the soil was unfertile and rocky the puritains couldnt plant crops
  • the main sources of income were dairy products, greenhouse products, apples, cattle, and eggs
  • new Hampshire was hampered by the mountainous topography and extensive areas of unfertile and stony soil


Created with images by Norman B. Leventhal Map Center at the BPL - "The colonies in 1660, New England and New Netherland showing extent and dates of settlement" • DMPL Special Collections - "Plymouth Congregational Church" • yeahbouyee - "Le Chemin"

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