Good Life Nature Activity by kendal owen

Nature on Display

To me, this exhibit at the Museum reflects the idea of nature in its truest form of beauty. Growing up on the beach, i was always in awe of the contrasting beauty between the blue ocean and the sand, and the sand dunes filled with lively sea oats. No one can deny the beauty of the beach, especially when witnessing a sunrise or sun set upon the ocean's horizon. The simplicity and consistency of the view contrasts with the complexity of the environment and it's systems. To me, a beach is the most natural form of beauty, and represents my interpretation of the good life.

Nature and Ethics

I was immediately drawn to this exhibit when questioning what to categorize as ethical. To me, a cliff hanger could not be more accurate when representing ethical boundaries. While studying this exhibit, i learned that plants cling onto these rocks, much like humans cling onto our values and standards. Especially when facing a challenging time or situation, its crucial to stay strong and cling onto what we believe in.

Nature and the Human Spirit

The butterfly garden was by far my favorite exhibit at the museum, as you can see why. The beauty surrounding these creatures in unfathomable and so refreshing. Whenever someone asks "whats your spirit animal?' from now on, ill say "a butterfly". Butterflies are gentle, fragile, uniquely beautiful, and free. To me, they encompass everything I strive to be and value. To be gentle with words, uniquely beautiful, and to have a free spirit or imagination. To have the strength to pick oneself off the ground and defy gravity. Butterflies set an example as the role model that every human soul wants to become.

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