OU Giving Day OU Web Communications

OU Giving Day was a campus-wide campaign to raise $50,000 in donations for the University. Since it was the first Giving Day in our school's history, our office was tasked with creating a social media campaign that would promote, explain, and create excitement for the event.

Along with other teaser posts, we posted a promotional video produced by our media team the day before OU Giving Day.

It recieved 3.2K views on Twitter, 4.5K views on Instagram, and 5.6K views on Facebook.

This meme reigned supreme in our promotional content, reaching 17,630 people on Facebook and garnering 15,679 impressions on Twitter.

In a campaign with so many posts, diverse content was key. We posted this time-lapse toward the end of the day to keep the campaign fresh.

Together, all the OU Giving Day promotional content reached 130,856 people on Facebook, garnered 70.2K impressions on Instagram, and 153,769 impressions on Twitter.

The campaign far exceeded the original goal, raising $179,257.

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