The Lord of the Flies HandBook

1. After the airplane crashed, see who survived, and if someone is injured.

2. Keep calm

3. Find a shelter (especially a cave, but be sure that there is not danger inside)

4. Choose a leader to guide the tribe

5. Make a fire on the highest part of the island.

Rescuers that have been send they may see the smoke that is making the fire.

6. Find food (have a balance between eating fruts and meat)

If you only eat fruits , you will get sick (diarrea), so it is better have a balance of what you eat.

7. Find clean water

8. Be patient and wait to be rescued


Created with images by LalalaB - "sunset sea island" • congerdesign - "teddy teddy bear association" • andymudrak - "breath" • aliwest44 - "Cave" • hang_in_there - "Leader" • Pexels - "adventure campfire camping" • FotoshopTofs - "healthy food food power" • clondike7 - "Water" • beau-foto - "patience"

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