Road for Energy Production By: Daniel Reid

The nations roads and parking lots are crumbling everywhere from years of exposure to the elements, and years of use.
The nations economy is Still in the recovery process from one of the worst recessions in its history. Elected officials in the both the legislative and executive branch are conflicted on which road to take, when it comes to considering job creation.
Like the time period of " Rosie the Riveter" America can use Solar Roadways to ignite job creation. This job creation would lead to a domino effect to that ultimately improves the economy. This will take effort from everyone to help in implementing something that would benefit america. " "Rosie The riveter" is a reminder that " We can Do it"!

The time is right now for companies like "Google X" to take action and help implement Solar Roadways and create thousands of jobs. Acting now will allow people to access the potential benefits much sooner.

A future with Solar Roadways will lead to more job creation all across the board.

Job creation will help the economy recover. Allowing Americans to ease their spending aches, and the government to focus on other issues.

Solar Roadways would obviously provide an abundance of energy for people to use. The energy extra energy could potentially be used in the future to power other things such as cars. The abundance of energy would also lead to lower energy bills.

This last image truly showcases how our cities will be completely transformed by showing the illumination of the roads and side walks. These roads and side walks will be more efficient and helpful with everyday traffic in the nations cities.


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