Santa Bruja Land of The witches

Santa Bruja is a the first private city in the United States, and it's just for witches! We are independently governed to ensure that the corruptness of the United States government does not infiltrate our community! We value love. unity, and of course magick, above all else!

Politics- Here in Santa Bruja, we take a different approach than many when it comes to politics. Rather than electing government officials to govern our community, we elect a coven of the six most powerful witches in the land to hold court (similar to the Vultori in Twilight). These witches hold court for a 2 year trial period and can be re-elected up to four times. They are in charge of providing protection as well as stability to the community through their magickal gifts. They must provide complete transparency to the public, and if foul play is discovered the entire community joins together for a good old fashioned public hexing,

Economics- Our currency is the U.S. dollar but we also include crystals as a form of currency because of their healing powers. What each crystal is worth is completely up to the two bartering. Something unique that we do to ensure that no family goes without food is gives each family an 150.00 ration per person per moth for food. They can purchase more food with the money that they earn from their jobs.

Religion- Citizens pf our country are provided with religious freedom, though 90% of the citizens refrain from dogmatic practices,instead practicing spirituality and various forms of magick. Meditation is a very common practice and is typically taught to children at home and practiced daily. It is also taught in school to children in place of disciplinary action. Because our citizens are witches from all over the world there are many forms of magick that are practiced, from wicca, to traditional witch craft to voodoo. Witches are free to use their magick for whatever they desire except to harm others. If they are caught misusuing their magick. they are burned at the stake.

Social Structure- This is an anti classist, anti fascist community! There are no social classes, are all equal, we are all one.

Industry- Our bread and butter, and the reason that we are able to exist independently from the United States, within the United States, is because the U.S. officials hire our coven to cast spells as well as make predictions to aid in their endeavors. We also are the largest producers of sage. palo santo, and other smudges.

Arts and Entertainment- Here in Santa Bruja, we emphasize the power of art! We recognize it as healing, as well as a form of spiritual, and personal expression and we practice it everywhere we go! Because many forms of magick involves rituals that include dances, it is not uncommon to witness these rituals on a daily basis. Once a year we have a festival, Similar to Burning Man, where everyone in the community comes together to heal together/ celebrate diversity! There are musical performances by the many celebrities that are a part of our community!

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