Social Strategies build a powerful force

Social strategies ares based in 7 main steps:

  1. Establish a clear goal
  2. S.M.A.R.T (specific, measurable, attainable, relevant and time based)
  3. Understand your audience
  4. Research your competitors
  5. Build your message
  6. Choose a channel
  7. Develop a strong content plan

Now, we need to choose a brand and implement this concepts to create a successful social strategy

Okey so ELLE, the fashion magazine, is the brand we are going to use. To continue we need a social media we are going to focus on;

Video sharing

Perfect, and which platform are we using?

YouTube, one of the most popular platforms for video sharing

Once we have concreted these things, let's get in the real work a follow the 7 steps to create a successful social strategy in YouTube for ELLE

  1. Goal: capture the behind the scenes of photo shoots, interviews to create a more approachable brand with the one the audience can feel connected. Also create visual content for helping the audience to develop certain skills related to the mission and vision of ELLE. Crate a community.
  2. We need to be specific with what we are willing to create, for example create a real and time based content about the next photo shoot of the new cover of the magazine featuring Bella Hadid. In this case we need to upload relevant videos (interviews with the model, with the crew that is creating the cover and what is their vision with this project etc) about this specific production of the cover.
  3. Analyze what is the audience looking for in the magazine and the content ELLE will create for them. For example, nowadays YouTube is getting huge everyday and is becoming one of the main platforms of entertainment. Vlogs and tutorials are some of the type of videos that have more popularity in this platforms, so that is what the audience is willing to see. Because of the that, the content we will create for ELLE must be based on these models of videos since that is what the audience is looking for.
  4. Competitor can give us huge feedback and we can get inspire by their work or know exactly what we don't want to do. With this been said, we need to search on YouTube the most popular channels, the ones with more subscribers, analyze how they edit their videos so is more appealing for the viewer, read the comment of the videos, the nonverbal aspects of the videos and which of them have more views. In conclusion, investigate every detail of our competitors to see what are we facing.
  5. Building our message is an important par for the audience to understand why we are doing what we are doing, what is our mission and our vision. For example, in the case we are using, ELLE, we could build our message in the first video we upload to the channel. If you search some of the most popular YouTube channels, at their main page they have a main video that is reproduce automatically every time you enter in the main page. This video is different depending on the type of videos they do in the channel, what you want to express about the channel or what is it about. For ELLE, I would recommend the same thing, create the message we want to give in a clear and easy way for the viewers to understand at the main video that will be reproduced automatically. The content of the video could have a million options but because our goal, as we said, create a community we should create an attachment between the audience and the magazine so they they develop a special feeling every time they hear about ELLE or see something about ELLE. For that, the video could be multiple cut of what is ELLE for the workers of the magazine and footage of the different establishment of the brand around the world, with a slow but catchy song at the background and a powerful ending slogan so the viewer will receive directly our message.
  6. For the channel, as you can see through the whole project we will use YouTube, but how will the readers of ELLE know that now we are developing this new project? For that we could use other channels, for example we could promote the idea in the paper and online magazine with small pieces of content of what is coming up so the spectators will be curious about what is happening and expectancy will grow.
  7. Finally for a fully successful social strategy we need to develop a strong content plan, what are we going to post? how often are we posting? weekly? daily? are we creating different categories of videos inside the channel? or are we creating different channels depending on the content of the video? how are we editing the videos? and more question that we will have to answer. This questions need a whole crew and experts to answer. But for ELLE, I would say that we could post a short video daily about a specific face or tips that the magazine would like to spread and then post three times a week a longer video with interesting content. Also we could create a series, in the same channel, about what is like to produce the cover of the magazine, step by step, a behind the scenes of every phase, from the idea to the publication of the magazine.



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