Ms. Jardine 1st Grade - Room 212

Welcome to 1st Grade! My name is Mary Jardine and I am so excited to be your child's teacher! This year will be filled with much growth, exploration, friendships, laughter and learning.

First graders come to school brimming with enthusiasm and excitement for learning, life, and friends. Their's is an age commonly marked by tremendous growth, lost teeth, great emotional highs, and, less frequently, some pretty low lows. First graders make big plans, jump into projects with both feet, work at a breakneck pace, and don't want to miss a thing.

We will spend our year getting to know themselves as learners and understanding what they need to do their best learning each day.

Our journey throughout the year is to understand and support each other in the belief that everyone is different, and that there is power in understanding personalized learning needs. I want them to feel safe to take risks, make mistakes and beautiful oopses, and push oneself to grow each day.

Contact Information

Email: mrjardine@cps.edu

School's Phone: (773) 534-0950

Phone: (773) 443-1069


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