Monster Trucks Giant trucks

what is a monster truck

A monster truck is a giant 10 to 12 feet tall truck , it can fly up to 35 feet in the air and land on it's 4 giant tires.


A monster truck has 1,500 hores power from it's engain runs on alchol and desile fule .


A monster truck tire ways up to 1,700 pownds ,It's is 66 inches tall and 36 inches wide.


When a monster truck hits a big bump the ground pushes the wheels up . They don't air up the tries or else they will full of .


It is hard to see where you are going in a monster truck .

Parts & Bilt

To have a monster truck you need body , frame , and tries and a well toghether truck.

Inturesting facts

A truck named Max-d has won the world finils 11 times , Grave Digger has won 4 times.

What I think

I think monster trucks are cool because they can jump so hie .


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