Food Reform Ameer Samy

Upton Sinclair wrote The Jungle, a book exposing the meat-packing industry for its disgusting means of treating meat.

These are some of the unsanitary conditions that meat was packed in. Upton Sinclair wrote about this in his book. "corpses and feces of rats are ground into sausages, and rancid meat is disguised with chemical treatments—all to be sold for public consumption"
Pure Food and Drug act"for preventing the manufacture, sale, or transportation of adulterated or misbranded or poisonous or deleterious foods, drugs, medicines, and liquors, and for regulating traffic therein, and for other purposes"
Meat inspection act: Allowed labor commissioners and social workers to make surprise visits and inspections to the meat packing industry

Thank Upton Sinclair and the FDA for their efforts in exposing the food industry, passing laws, and making food safer.

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