The Earthquake By george nash

Deep in the heart of San Francisco, me and my friend James lived in an apartment building by the Ocean. We could step out the door and have the stunning ocean right in front of us. Every day we would walk across the street and sit by the beach and stare at the beauty of the Pacific Ocean.
My friend James and I lived in apartments right next to each other. The reason we didn't have to work or do anything is because my dad is a billionaire who is the owner of Taco Bell. This week was special because my mom Melissa, my dad Tony, and my brother Charlie were coming to visit me in my apartment. I was so relaxed and joyful with my family being here. We would walk down the sidewalks and to the beach. But today wasn't such a great day for the beach because the waves were big and the sky was gray.
Then as we were sitting there we felt a big thump. "What was that?" My dad questioned. "I don't know" I replied. We thought nothing of it until we heard another one then knew there was something going on. I wanted to hold onto my dad just as I did when I was young, except this time for his own safety because I knew something was definitely going wrong. I knew at that moment that I was going to have to be brave and bring my family to safety before something drastic happens. But I didn't know what to do. Should I bring my family to shelter. Should I stay here and think nothing of it. It all confused me and I didn't want to be brave. I severely didn't want to but then looked at my family once again and said, "let's go," and started running to shelter. The ground kept shaking up and down and at that moment I knew it was an earthquake and so did my family. We were all freaking out until we got to the street where a huge wave moved the city of San Francisco side to side several times. Buildings were broken and I was thrown into a tree and hit it head first while everything went black.
I woke up surprisingly after not knowing what had gone on and looked around and saw rubble surrounding me. I looked and called for my friends and family there was nobody not even one single person. I started to cry and cry wishing I could see my family once more. I was thinking of what I was going to do and I didn't know. This was a hard time in my life, one time that I would have to be braver than ever to find my family. Looking into the distance I thought I saw a shadow. It was getting closer and I yelled my friends’ names but no one responded. I yelled hello to him, and there was nothing. He started to emerge out of the shadow and there he stood.

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