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Zambia is a country located in South Africa at (18°S, 28°E) . Africa is known for sea's of sand sliding over the horizon and huge, hunks of hazel grass, that stand like soldiers. but there is more then that there is tons of beauty, if you take the time to dig it up. Lucky for you I'll be telling you about my personal favorite sand pile, Zambia.

Zambia is highlighted in yellow


Zambia is located in in the southern and eastern hemisphere. Which is boarded by Angola, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Tanzania, Namibia, Malawi, Zambabwe, Bostwana, and Mozambique


Lusaka is Zambia's capital city full of people and life in the middle of all this hustle and bustle is markets selling food and clothes and so much more. Lusaka is a city located at 18S and 28E

Wet and dry seasons

Zambia is part of the tropical zone which means its in between the equator and the tropic of capricorn. seasons are based on rainfall through out the year, so zambia has wet in dry seasons soon by the pictures above (wet season is shown by the picture on the right and the dry season is shown by the picture to the left)

Physical features

Zambezi River

The Zambezi River is the 4th longest river in Africa.he area of its basin is 1,390,000 square Kilometers wide.

Victoria falls

Most-oa-Tunya better known as The Victoria Falls is a waterfall that is on the Zambezi River and boarders Zambia and Zimbabwe.


Zambia's total population is 1.48 million and is decreasing rapidly, providing those facts it's safe to say Zambia has a very small population and is only 66th in local countries ranging.

Zambia is located in the lower half of Africa

As you can see from the map above Zambia is not a very crowded Area, and was ranked 66th for population out of local countries . Zambia is grower at a very high speed. in fact the fertility rate is 3.1.

Picture of Lusaka
Picture of chipata

Some of the largest cities located in Zambia are Lusaka which is Zambia's capital and has a population of 1.7 million, kitwe has a population of 504,194, chipata has a population of 455,783, ndola has a population of 455,194, and lastly Kabwe with a population of 202,914.


Zambia is mostly a rural country with 59.08% that's more then half of all of Zambia is rural.

Zambia if you couldn't tell already is slowly decreasing by -3.1. This information also tells us that more people are leaving Zambia then Coming to Zambia.


Zambia is in fact a developing country at the moment because of 3 main reasons. First off Zambia's GDP per capita is $1,800 which is very low compared to Americas which is $52,800, that's a 51,000 difference. The second reason is Zambia's Life expectancy which is extremely low, 51.83 years! Americas life expectancy us 79 years, that's a 28 year difference. The third reason is the literacy rate which is 72.1% for males and 61% for females can read and write that's low campared to America which is 99% can read and write for both genders.


Surprisingly Zambia's main language is English. English original come from England and is now spoken through out the world. And Christianity is the main language in Zambia, Christians believe in god and good and bad in people.

Umutomboko ceremony

The Umutomboko Ceremony is a two day event that means victory dance or dance of victory. This Ceremony celebrates the Lunda crossing the Luaputa river into Zambia


The most well known tradition is Kuomboka which actually means 'get out of water'. This Ceremony takes place after the rain season when waters from the Zambezi River flow into plains.

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