What is life like here?

Life is misery. Everyone lives on the streets or if they're lucky a cardboard box. No one has money and there is barely any food. No one is happy or can be happy. If you're under the age of 18 you have to go to school every day and have no free periods, you're not allowed to speak what's on your mind, or ask questions. Life is misery.

Most people live on the streets. No one has food. Any houses that are left are falling apart or being destroyed. Most of the animals (pets) are gone and there is no running water. Any of the water that we do get is from the rain in puddles or if were lucky we might find a water bottle. The air is toxic because of pollution and it hurts to breathe.

What the streets and city looks like from the inside.

How was this world made?

The year was 2025, Zander Starhawk woke up in the morning and did his normal routine, it had been a long week. Something was wrong, it had been three weeks since his best friend had gone missing. However, from what he knew about her it was all wrong. She would never go missing without telling anyone especially him Zander, he knew something was wrong. Instead of sitting down and not saying anything knew he himself had to investigate. They were both inventors and hackers, however, she was always two steps ahead of him. Zander took his backpack and walked himself to her home. He stood at the door, knocking, he knew she always answered the door even if she was the busiest person in the world, which she was. There was only one last resort trying to open the door. It would not be easy though, as an inventor and hacker her door had a code but could be hacked. Zander took out his computer, connected it to the door and started hacking away. After three tries he got it open. Walking into the house he didn’t know what to expect. All he thought was the worst, what if she was dead? What if she was missing forever? He looked around everything was still. He walked towards the door which led into her lab. There sat a note on the door, he got closer to read what he recognized. His best friend's handwriting, it was always the best unlike his which was just chicken scratch. He read the note getting more and more furious as he read it. He ripped the note from off of the door and ripped it up. From what the letter said, she was gone to a whole different dimension, with another person. Even as kids they were always together, they even made a promise to never leave each other for other people, and now this. Zander bursted open the door. In front of him was a huge machine that was pure pastel purple, her favorite color. He plugged his computer into the machine, with enough hacking he could see her and the world she was in. After a whole hour of hacking he got it. The world was beautiful, innocent, and colorful . But the anger in Zander was taking over, determined he hacked the world thinking he could make it terrible for her. Hacking it, he noticed the pastel purple orb that once was in the middle was now a dark black and grey one. Walking into the portal , everything was changed , from his clothing , his hair color, even down to his social status. Once he walked in he looked around, there was no happy world , nothing just a wasteland him and millions of others called home. Everyone stared at him silently, bowing down in fear, Zander let out a grin,”If she wants to forget that I exist, I’ll make sure the world forgets she exists.”

Everyone here wonders and dreams about being in the new world, having a family, food, a house, and a good life. That's what keeps everyone going. They all believe and hope for a better life. But deep down they know it will never come.

This is what the Utopia backyard would look like because it doesn't have pollution.


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