Project Foxtrot Introducing Dapi the Fox

There's this quote, it goes something like "Say yes and figure out how later". That is what Project Foxtrot is. My first adventure into animation, it's nothing spectacular (and honestly it's probably not the best work), but it was a great project to work on and learn from.

The project started as a request from a co-worker to create a fox character that would introduce a new department in a memorable and fun way. In true "Say yes and figure it out later" fashion I said "sure I can make a cartoon fox walk and talk"...all I knew at the time was that Adobe Character Animator existed.

The evolution of Dapi

The biggest challenge I had in the beginning was learning how to break apart a character illustration in a way would allow it to be manipulated. I experimented with both Illustrator and Photoshop. I landed on Illustrator as it was easier for me to group the layers correctly.


Twenty hours, a large amount of frustration, possible tears, and several viewings of Animator tutorials later, Dapi finally came to life...with all of her limbs attached and working properly.

While I wouldn't consider it easy, the actual recording of the animation was pretty smooth and more fun than I could have imagined, this isn't your average key frame type work. This is actually acting the part of your character (which is way more fun). While I can't share the whole video, I can give you her 6 second introduction...

A couple of important things I learned from this project. First, I really LOVE animation, something I never had thought to even try. Next, don't be afraid to say yes and try something different, this is how you grow! Don't be intimidated by those who know more about the topic, even if they are younger than you, be inspired by them and soak all the knowledge in. Don't be afraid to watch the same tutorial (literally 20 times) to really understand what you are doing and most importantly DON'T GIVE UP, even when it's not working right.

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Nicole Smestad

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