KANSAS WEEK 16 UPDATE ~Aflac Kansas Outlaws~

Week 16 Brought our Triple Crown "GEORGIA On My Mind" trip to WWHQ!

Hard work paid off this week for our Triple Crown Qualifiers and 3 time FAME qualifiers from 2016! We toured the Aflac Cancer Center, Communicorp, and the Tower. We dined with Teresa White, and Andy Glaub. We were filmed as extras in TV commercial, and risked our lives white water rafting down the Chattahoochee River. Horseback riding, target shooting, skeet shooting, fishing and fun at Dan Amos' SOMA Farms was the grand finale. Congratulations once again, to our qualifiers: Tanner King, Georgia Tharp, Trudy Kamphaus, David Nelson, Al Hurt, John Wetig, Jeremiah Popelka, Matthew Gant, Bob Fought, and Caleb Gilmore. It was a trip we won't soon forget. #GeorgiaOnMyMind

Pictured - David Nelson, Georgia Tharp, John Wetig, Tanner King, Jeremiah Popelka, Al Hurt, Caleb Gilmour, Trudy Kamphaus, Matthew Gant, Bob Faught and Jessica Eskew

Click to watch the "Outlaws Escaping Death" in the rapid called "Cut Bait".

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Q2 AFAME Criteria

Please note the category changes for 2nd quarter.

Founders Week - Week 17

Week 17 we honor our founders. Bill, John, and Paul Amos had a dream; a dream to offer families the opportunity to protect themselves against the financial uncertainty that comes when things go wrong. Their legacy lives on. Aflac began with 60 employees in a small office building in Columbus, Georgia, in 1955. Today, almost 10,000 people on two continents come to work at Aflac every day. Thanks to you, nearly 50 million people worldwide count on the Aflac promise. A lot has changed since 1955, but through the years one thing has remained the same: the principles of honesty and integrity that guided our founders over 55 years ago are still honored today. Principal founder John Amos joined with his Paul and Bill to found Aflac. They believed in hard work and the entrepreneurial spirit. During Founders Week, we celebrate that spirit and honor you, the men and women who keep that spirit alive. Week 17 is a chance to celebrate and be a part of Aflac history. As you are out in the field this week, think of John, Paul and Bill, and know that you are a part of a legacy!

You have an awesome opportunity to get a jump on your AFAME qualification during Founders Week! Make it happen this week!!!
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These fine people are headed to St. Louis in Week 17 with the hopes of bringing home a Tesla!
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Week 16 Top Performers

Top 5 Associates in AP

Tom Turley - $18,139

Martha Buess - $7,744

Taylor Harris - $7,655

Christine Gray - $6,414

Madonna Haskins - $5,380

Top New Account Openers

Allen James, Lydia Johnson, Jeffrey Martin, Shawn Schwarz: all with 1 New Account

Triple Crown Series Qualifiers!

1st-Year Triple Crown celebrates agents who hit the ground running and deserve an extra measure of recognition for their achievements. 2nd-Year Triple Crown honors those who demonstrate a continued desire to achieve and who do so through hard work and determination. Triple Crown winners have proven that they have what it takes to rise to the top in one of the most competitive fields in business – sales. Congratulations to our Week 16 Qualifiers!

Fast Start Qualifiers - Jessica Cutburth, Fabiola Murillo-Yi, Hector Prieto

Super Fireball Qualifier - Scott Schwarz

Top 5 DSCs AP

Tiffany Sowa - $18,139

Tammy Lockhart - $15,624

Julia Hadorn - $13,139

Angela Cook - $12,647

Michael Ward - $11,805

DSC Quota Busters

Tiffany Sowa - 451%

Angela Cook- 200%

Tammy Lockhart - 186%

Cheryl Maus - 171%

Morgan Konrade - 147%

Jeremiah Popelka - 110%

Top DSC in New Accounts

Dave Windholz- 2 New Accounts


Jon Overacre and the Rockstar Region - $52,503 and 3 New Accounts

RSC Quota Buster

Leigh Anne Stelter and The Mighty Ducks - 139% of Quota

"Free Pass" Don't forget if you qualified for AFAME in Q1 this is yours!
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Jessica Eskew

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