Education Rights Lauren Eldridge


Being a teacher takes alot of work and responsibility. Teaching involeshelping kids to learn things in life,learn how to read,write,do math,etc.Some teacher today dont focus on what kids actually need to know to pass. Teachers need to understand that not every kid is the same, they all have a diffrenent level of learning.


At the age of 20 Anne Sullivan is famous for teaching Helen Keller, a blind and deaf student how to communuicate.Thanks to Sullivan,Keller learned almost 600 words, most of her multiplication tables, and how to read Braille within a matter of months.Sullivan lost her sight at a young age and therefore had no skills in reading, writing, or sewing and the only work she could find was as a housemaid. Few years later Sullivan enrolled in a school for the blind and later on was able to communicate.


Every kid deserves to go to school or be able to learn. Learning is a very important thing to have. To get a job u most likely need to go to college or have a good knowledge. It's not fair for the kids who can't afford to go to school because not everyone has that ability. By the government providing books and teachers willing to teach the kids.



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