Abraham Lincoln Gracee Pohlmann

What made him a Great leader?

Abe never had to easiest life. Abe grew up in a family where wealth wasn't there. Abe had to learn to be careful with money and how to spend money wisely. His dad made him work on the farm. Working on the farm taught him that things don't just come you have to work hard for them. Abrahams mother died when he was young. Losing his mother took its tolls but he has to learn to get over it and keep going. Life doesn't just stop when something bad happens, it keeps going. Abe was self- taught when it came to being a lawyer and politician. Abe learned a lot from his experiences that made him a GREAT leader such as, compassion, understanding, loving, caring, loyal, honest, and knowledgeable. Abe had to learn all these from life lessons.


Abe was a very loyal person. He was loyal to the nation from him working so hard that the nation wouldn't become split. He was loyal to the slaves and never changed how he felt about what was going on in this nation, no matter how much peer pressure he had. Honesty was very important to him, he was so honest he is known as "Honest Abe." Abe was honest during the election he said he didn't want to end slaverly but since the rebellions he had to react and then ended up being one of the best decisions in the United States History. Hard work is an understatement for all he did. He was very hardworking when it came to the the farm and being president. He working hard on all his chores on the farm and as president he would study his speeches so hard till they were perfect. When it came to the Emancipation Proclamation he was very responsible. He was careful to not overcross the law and was responsible in how he worded it. He was very knowledgeable. He was knowledgeable about the law and knew what policies he could put out that would over cross the amendments or laws. He was knowledgeable about the south and what they wanted and needed.

What is one of the jobs he did?

Abe was a very good lawyer. He was self taught but strived to be amazing and with his determination he did amazing things. Abe defended people who were not guilty. He also help the not guilty get off and put the guilty ones away.
Abe as a lawyer

Edwin Stanton

Edwin Stanton stated "now he belongs with the ages." Stanton meant that Lincoln was such a great leader he will never be for gotten just like the founding fathers and all of those who make a HUGE impact on the United States of America. Lincoln had many different leadership styles. He was an expressive leader, he cared about the people of the country. At times he was authoritarian and others he was liaises-faire. He would sometimes be a democratic when it came to big decisions and he was very instrumental. He was task-oriented at times. Having all these made him an amazing leader. He knew when and when not to use them which is a very good skill.


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