Baking for Brooke By: Gabriella Cyrus

I am about to be in the competition of my life. I can hear the host talking to the camera from the back room that's as small as an elevator. Lights peek through the closed door like sunlight. Me and 5 other selected kids wait to start the baking competition. We were all picked to be on a t.v. show. The winning prize is $10,000 and I need to get it.

A man comes in and walks to me.

“Can I take you to the camera and interview you?” He asks.

“Of course,” I answer. He leads me into another room and tells me to sit.

“So first, what's your name and how old are you?” He questioned.

“I'm Allie Smith and I'm 14 years old,” I responded.

“What will you do with the the money if you win?” He continued.

“I want to win the money for my best friend, Brooke. She got sick a month ago and her parents can't pay the medical bill,” I told him.

“Thank you, that's all for now,” he said and motioned to the door. I stood and walk back to the others who were on there way to the kitchen.

The host announces us and we all go out to our counters. The host turns from the camera to face us.

“You will have 1 hour to make your best three layer cake. When time is up you will present it to the judges.” He announced. I look over at the cabinet of ingredients. I can make my special berry cake and I'll win for sure. The only problem is I'll have to run over and grab the berries before anyone else.

“Time starts now!” The host suddenly shouts. I start to jogging over to the cabinet but I tripped and fell. The camera zoomed in on me.

I got up and tried to act like I was fine but when I looked over I realized I wasn't. Someone else took the berries I need! Just try to not look panicked. I go to the ingredients and saw mint. My grandma’s mint and chocolate cake! I grabbed what I needed and got to work.


An hour later the host stops us.

“Bring you dishes to the judges’ table” he instructed. They tasted all the cakes. A judge walks forward to announce the winner. I cross my fingers and hold my breath.

“The winner is… Allie Smith!” He said. OMG! That's me! I throw my hand up in the air in victory. I go up the the host and collected the money.

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