Hi, i'm Jasmine Nascimento. I am 16 years old i know i don't look it but here is my story....... i look like a girl with a perfect life well i do not have a very perfect life ok here it is when i was 2 years old my father wen to jail and got out after i was turning 11 that's a really long time i don't remember all of it but i remember a lot he got out for like 2 months and went back got out again and went back it happened the same way a couple more times. He went back one more time and got out he lived in long island with his soon to be wife he was an ex addict of heroin like half way through't the week we were there me and my sister were sleeping and we got woken up by his soon to be wife Maggy and she said your fathers on the bathroom floor we got up and me and Maggy squeezed through the door and tried flipping him over we saw 6 bags of heroin and one needle he relapsed and my sister couldn't go in there she was scared and she just couldn't so we had her wait outside for the police and stuff, and they got there and pulled him out into the living room and put the machine on him that pumps his heart and me my sister and Maggy were all on the couch hoping he wont die and we saw 4 heart beats then they took him to the hospital i kept thinking this is just a dream so we drive to the hospital and they bring us into a room and tell us he didn't make it there was a girl doctor next to me i could not help it i grabbed her and cried on her shoulder she started crying to i cried so hard then we went to see him and they all were crying really hard i was crying and while i was crying i was sitting there i was staring at my dad i saw my father dead on a hospital bed pale. I swear it looked like he was breathing but i knew he wasn't........ i kept thinking it was a dream i was saying this is not real its just a dream but it wasn't so my mom came to get us a couple months later i tried to overdose and was brought to the hospital because i wanted to be with my father i got transferred to Albany med i was watched 24 seven and then got out i made it i guess it wasn't my time and now i am in counseling and take depression medicine well that's my story. -Jasmine Nascimento

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