Autopsy Report: Anna Garcia

Anna Garcia was a 38 year old female with a weight of 165 lbs. and a height with 64 inches. She is of Hispanic descent who from the autopsy report has edema visible on her ankles probably from walking her dog every morning. LAPD received a call at 9:45 am. by a Doug Greene. An EMT arrived at her house at 9:56 am. It was a cool 73 degrees Fahrenheit, while it being 92 degrees Fahrenheit outside. She was found lying face down in her entry hallway in a pool of blood. She was also next to a pile of her vomit. As far as we know the last person to be seen with Anna alive would be her former husband Alex Garcia. As the police took him in for questioning we were told that he went over to her house to discuss their financial problems.
We will now take a good look through the evidence at hand.
The finger print we recovered belonged to Alex Garcia. They were only found on a glass wine cup. Although his fingerprint were found, it does not tell us that he truley killed her.
The only hair sample we were able to find would be Anna's so we couldn't find anything here.
The blood spatter design we found easily says that it happened on the table so we concluded that she hit her head on the table as she was falling.
DNA in the blood samples we found was recovered and were all linked to Anna Garcia. We were not able to find anything out on this end. There was also a pile of vomit next to her body so we concluded that a seizure or a heat stroke had happened.
An unknown substance was also recovered and was later identified as Aspirin prior for her ankles. We also concluded that the Aspirin was helping with her heat stroke.
We analyzed the time of death for Anna Garcia was pronounced dead for four hours prior to the call. The time of death lab was conducted at 11:00 am. so she died approximately at 7:00 am.
As for the final report there wasn't really a lot of evidence to go on and say she was murdered. With our little bit of evidence we learned that she died on accident. We conclude that this statement is how she died. After Anna walked her dog in the morning she came back tired from the heat (, it was 92 degrees Fahrenheit). Anna was also wearing her sweater so that did not help her case. With the help of the Aspirin that she took it is easy to believe that a heat stroke.
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