Time I rode the ThunderBird By Dakota meredith

This is the time I rode the ThunderBird. I thought it looked scary so when my mom,and grandpa(Wich I call him Papa Dave) went to ride it I didn't. It was taking them forever to get back so I rode the Crows Nest swing next to it. I also got a drink a couple of times. Dad and My grandma that I call Nana was talking. I did like the feel of the air when the ride gave you when it went by though.After awhile they came back and we went to lunch.Then a little bit later she convinced me to ride it at the end of the day.

So at the end of the day about evening we headed down to the ride. My nana said she would ride it too. So me my mom,nana,and Papa Dave got in line. It took about thirty minutes but hey it had cool things you could read or look at. I could see a wagon with a horse whip, a barn,parts of newsletters that you could read,lanterns that flickered when the ride was about to start. When you get to a certain spot you can see the gears that let the gates open and close. Afterwards you go up stairs,and wait by a gate. If you are wearing flip flops you have to take them off or they'll fly off on the ride.

So me and my mom get strapped in. We wait till the other people go,and then get in a position in the barn like a bird. They put smoke around us,and the lights start to flicker.Then they count down and we go out like a liftoff,and we go from zero to sixty in a snap of a finger. After you're flying the track.

So we are going sixty mph and I start to close my eyes on the first loop. I open them at the wrong time,and see that i'm about to be upside down.So I close the again in between all of that I was screaming oh gosh. I could smell the cool air in my nose,could see the blue on my seat, I could feel the pull of the force of how fast we were going,I could hear myself and others screaming. I opened my eyes again and saw was were about to be on an another loop and closed my eyes. I opened them and we were on a spiral,so I closed them again.Then while I had my eyes closed I saw a light. I opened again and saw we were slowly going around a spiral. I closed them and when we were upright again I opened them. We were going back to the barn.

Afterwards we get off,and I feel proud of myself for riding it. We then head to the photo booth. While on the way I asked what the light was,and they said it was the camera. It took the people a little while to find our picture. Then they showed us and I felt completely embarrassed when I saw what I looked like.I was looking up with my eyes closed and my mouth wide open.The lesson I learned was don't let fear overtake what you want to do.

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