My Mission Statement By Jack Zimmerman

Hello. My name is Jack Zimmerman, and I am a student at Exceptional Minds, working in the field of animation and VFX.

Before I became a student at Exceptional Minds, I lived in Brentwood, Tennessee for more than 11 years. I was interested in animation ever since I was a kid, and I wanted to be an animator. My mom discovered Exceptional Minds and I motivated myself to enroll into this institute, and they accepted it!

My past successes are working on an animated holiday card, and an animated commercial

My core values are that I like to create, research, get inspired, be open minded, and experience new things. I am positive, adventurous, optimistic, respectful, reliable, efficient, inspiring, honest, fun loving, consistent, and polite. I really enjoy watching animated movies, and get inspired by the medium

I contributed work to Exceptional Minds projects including a holiday card, and a 30 second animated commercial.

What words that describe me professionally, is that I am detailed, smooth, polite, active, focused, determined, honest, creative, confident and efficient.

My goals are to make my own full-length animated feature film, work at the major animation studios in both film and TV, work at Walt Disney Animation Studios, learn how to animate in different art styles, experiment different styles of animation, and get influence from my friends, master animators and plenty of others

What words describe me personally is that I'm cool, talkative, unique, special, outgoing, playful, clever, smart, creative, and optimistic.

I also met some special guests while studying animation, including ILM (Industrial Light and Magic) VFX animator Glen McIntosh,

Cartoon Network Studios Executive Vice President, Rob Sorcher,

Mexican-American animator, Jorge R. Guitierrez,

And even famous actor Ed Asner, who was one of the supporters for Exceptional Minds.

In conclusion, I would work my way up to the top for the Animation industry to work on major movies, and even direct my own personal projects to the big screen. I just have to learn about the working environment, stay positive, be collaborative, and believe in myself. It's possible for me to aim at future goals.

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