Quarry Park half moon bay, CA

When you drive south on PCH 1 to look for trails you're probably expecting lots of ocean and beach options - after all, you get some of the best ocean views from this major highway. I love smelling the ocean!

So this park was a bit of a surprise and I wasn't too sure what to expect - but let me tell you, this park is worth the visit because boy, oh boy, are you in for a surprise when you reach the top!

First, let me just start with saying that my human is not an adventure expert. In fact, almost on every hike she gets lost and we end up back tracking, but I don't mind since that just means more time outside!

Sometimes we go hiking with others but a lot of times it's just the two of us, so even though I'll protect her, she also wants to make sure she finds trails where she feels comfortable and safe.

Mom loves her drone but doesn't bring it everywhere. This was the first time we saw a sign like this. You would have to be a pretty good drone pilot to fly it here, though. This trail is mostly covered. Mom's already crashed hers once. 😂

Ready? Let's go!

4 mile loop:

There's spotty cell reception here so we recommend having a map ready because there are almost no trail signs here, and lots of varying paths you can take.

While not long, this trail is mostly uphill, and by that I mean some parts are STEEP. But I think this also helps keep the trails pretty empty. We ran into a handful of other people and doggies and one horse! But most of the time it felt like we were the only ones there.

Bear right:

This is the first sign you'll see.

Choose your route

We chose to go left at the next intersection, which we recommend because this route is much easier going uphill than downhill for you humans. The closer you get to the peak, the narrower and steeper the trails get. Not a problem for us dogs, but it can get pretty slippery, especially during dry spells.

The second sign you'll see is also be the last one the entire trail.

The stock gate marks the beginning of the loop and also where the trails are shared. That's me waiting for mom to catch up at the end of the hike! We made it!

From this point on, the trail will be varying degrees of steepness, but it's fully covered and during the winter, magically green with a refreshing breeze.


Be on the look out for this turn. You'll probably want to stay on the wider trail but then you'll miss out on the best part of this park. This is the steepest and hardest part - so just take a deep breathe and keep going!

This part of the trail is incredibly quiet. We didn't run into any other hikers and we were there on a Saturday afternoon!

I'm a much better guide than my human 😉

Just. Keep. Going.

All of a sudden the trees start opening up, the brush gets thicker and the wind gets stronger.

Is this the last tree?

Looking back at the trail behind you.

The sky opens up

The ocean to your left...

open land ahead!

When we reached the top, suddenly mom looked around and realized how every little opening seemed like a trail. There are paths that loop around here so you can explore, but if you want to start making your way back, you're going to take the furthest right hand turn you can.

Single file only!

Endless valleys...

Heading back into the forest

Don't let the narrow trails scare you!

But before we head back...

I'm in two places at once!

The trail back is interesting. Part of it merges onto a very quiet road. Head right.

Where did this road come from?!

Keep following the road and when you see a private home, you'll notice a trail that veers to the left, which you want to take. This will start to make its way back into the forest and will give your legs a break with all the uphill hiking. Water break for me!

You'll also catch glimpses of Half Moon Bay before going back under the trees.

Share the trails

On the route coming back we came across a lot more mountain bikers and a man walking his horse, so be aware on this part of the trail. The trails here are very wide and even, so there's play of space to share. Mom leashed me when we walked past the horse just to be sure and the horse and I got into a staring contest!

Lastly, make sure to do a thorough tick check afterwards!

Your fur parents want to know:

  • Yes, there is parking
  • Yes, this is an off-leash pack
  • No, there are no doggy (or human) water fountains
  • Yes, there are poop bags (at the trailhead)
  • Yes, there are garbage bins (at the trailhead)
  • Yes, there are benches
  • Yes, there are toilets (at the trailhead)

🐾 Caesar

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