SONG By James Russell Lowell


Open your eyes and show everyone the light of the world. Let me find out all the mysteries you hold behind your eye lids. When I look into them eyes I can see your queenly soul.

Open your lips and just let your soul pour out. Sing songs of worship and put forth holy strain. Sing like your a fountain of music over flowing. Sing from you innermost core!

The song plays over and over again in my head like a spiritual harmony. A blessed spell. Far above earths atmosphere I rise. Whenever the voice I hear.


In the first stanza there is a metaphor conferring eye lids to curtains saying to lift them. After it they used some imagery by saying let their light outshine. In this stanza there were more positive words than there were negative

In the second stanza they used two metaphors. They said to pour forth that holy strain and there music is pouring out like a fount of music. Its coming from their inner most core.

In the last stanza there isn't much going on. James Russell Lowell put one part of figurative language and it is an hyperbole. He says "Far, far above earth's atmosphere I rise, whene'er thy voice I hear. This means whenever God calls on him he will go.


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