The Bowling Team By Caroline Schlieker

TAKE THEM-At Forum Bowl on 10/3/21, Bowling Coach Mike Young hosts the beginning of season meeting. “We got lots of bowling balls, bags, and new shoes donated to us this year, so if you want a second ball or need a bag; come up and grab them," he said. Young after explaining the new practice times for the season, Young included the price of practices and games, what players will need to be on the team, and when and where he believes the games will take place.

STRETCHING-On Oct. 18 Ryan Lindstrom, 12, stretches with the bowling team before practice at Forum Bowl. This event takes place before every practice and game in order to make sure the participants on the team are good and ready to play. “Tips and tricks y'all, tips and tricks,” Lindstrom said after completing the stretching warm-up with the team.

YIKES- Nick Violette, 12, Elisa Gaudio, 12, and Jake Riley Johnson, 12, listen to the coach explain the new practice times for the season. Gaudio wears the sour expression from the new practice times, while Johnson and Violette being new players are unaware the times are 5:30-7:30 this year; last year was 6-8 p.m. The Coach later explained the team can only be on the lanes for practice during this time because there are so many more people wanting to bowl now that masks are no longer required.
PARTICIPATION- Natalie Smith, 11, and Collin Nguyen, 10, listen to the information given to the parents and the players, during the beginning of the season bowling meeting. “I'm going to go see if there are any left-handed balls on the table,” Smith said after the Coach announced that there were lots of new bowling balls donated to the club.
NEW SHOES- During the beginning of the bowling season meeting Nick Violette, 12, picks up a pair of newly donated bowling shoes. The bowling team gets lots of new and slightly used donated items for the players on the team to keep for practice and games. The items include bowling balls, bowling shoes, bowling ball bags (one, two, or three balls) and extra bowling ball bag straps.

READY SET BOWL- Ryan Banister, 11, steps up to the lane and prepares to take his first bowl during the first frame of a practice game on Oct. 18 at Forum Bowl. During practice, the bowling team always does two warm-up games, in order to ready the player's arms and have the players think for themselves on the lane to adapt to the conditions of the oil.

"Live, laugh, love bowling," - Ryan Banister, 11
FOLLOW THROUGH- During bowling practice on Oct. 18, Colin Nguyen, 10, bowls at Forum Bowl. Nguyen takes multiple steps to gain power, throws the ball with two hands, and puts in a left spin on the ball; all in hopes of getting a strike. “The bowling team is a great place to go after school to just relax and have fun. No one is gonna judge you; it's a safe place,” Nguyen said.
SIDEWAYS APPROACH- Varsity player James Longino, 12, throws his signature two-handed bowl during practice at Forum Bowl. Longino was in the tenth frame of the last game during practice, and with a mediocre score, he had hoped to throw a strike. As he stepped up to the lane he goes through his own personal routine which ends with his hair flip to be able to see how the ball went down the lane. “Tenth frame, let ‘em hang," Longino said after the ball hit a strike.
RACKING THE SCORES UP-During bowling practice on Oct. 18, Jesse Contreras, 12, works on his form in order to improve his throw on the lane. As a new member of the bowling team, Coach Mike worked with him for most of the practice trying to decide what works and what doesn't. "Roll up, then bowl out," Contreras said after knocking multiple strikes and spares that evening.
STRATEGIES- On Oct. 18 the bowling team held a practice at Forum Bowl to help in being prepared for the team's first game of the year, Morgan Kolanek, 11, gets information on how to help her adjust to the lane qualities while bowling. "Bowling is a sport for people who have the talent to spare", Kolanek said after she applies the information to her bowl, and lays down a high score to end the frame.

PUT ME IN COACH- Coach Mike Young stands behind the lanes during practice. Young studied the scores and is formulating a game plan and a roster for this season's games.

"I think that both this year's teams are showing a lot of promise. There is a possibility that both the girls and the boys teams will be on the post-season which has never happend at Legacy."- Mike Young
STRONG FORM- A new member of the bowling team Christian Anderson, 12, participates in the games during practice at Forum Bowl on Oct. 18. There has recently been a significant increase in the number of participates on the bowling team, and the number of seniors as well, due to a large group of seniors deciding to join the club. "We bowl" Anderson said at the begging of practice to one of his senior buddies.
TWO HANDED -Another new addition to the bowling team, Jake Riley Johnson, 12, attends the practice. Johnson works on gaining enough power and momentum behind the ball in order to bowl and strike and not just hit nine pins. "Hit pins or die trying," Johnson said after yet another nine-pin knockdown.

STRAIGHT DOWN THE MIDDLE- Ryan Banister, 11, bowling during practice. Banister had a straight bowl on this particular toss and ended up throwing the ball right down the center of the lane. "It's not how you bowl, it's how you roll," he said.

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Caroline Schlieker