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Would you like to own an enormous house? Well here's your answer!

This house has an amazing wooden fa├žade and a massive front porch with a double garage and backyard access. It also has an fantastic front view from the front two double bedrooms.

On the inside it has an extra large corridor with stairs leading to the kitchen.

The kitchen has a fridge, sink and a wonderful polished diorite bench.

This house has even more to offer! Like two spacious ensuites.

It has two large bedrooms with pre-installed king size beds. Also has bedside table and storage.

Quick, it's 20% off! Limited time only! From 476,000 or more. Auction on the 30th of June, 1:00-3:00. Book in quick for the auction before you miss out!

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FT Real Estate


If your car is an boat we are not to blame. FT real estate is not real. Built by Minecraft.

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