Drugs Jessie Anaya

Intro: 22 million people take illegal drugs everyday. That's 9% of the whole entire world. Drugs are a substance which has a physiological effect on a person. Why does a person take illegal drugs, whats the law on illegal drugs, and paying the price of abusing drugs.

Why people take drugs

Many people take illegal drugs,but most people have different reasons why they abuse them.

One reason a person usually takes drugs is to get stronger, faster ,and more powerful so they usually take steroids.

Another reason why people take drugs is because the person doesn't know where they fit in life. They feel like the world they live in has no purpose for them. Suicide and rebelling by using drugs is very common.

Another reason why people use illegal drugs is because of peer pressure. People who use drugs are usually people who pressure other people around himself or herself to do what they are is doing.

The last reason I have researched for you is feelings.If a person is feeling sad or depressed they will most likely take the possibility of drugs. The reason for taking drugs is that drugs make people feel good and high. That will make the person forget about their problem at least for a while.

What's the law on drugs: The punishment for dealing drugs varies by many factors. Some factors consist of the type of drug,the amount of drug,your age,and whether or not you've been in the drug business before.If an individual gets caught with illegal drugs, they will have to pay a fine and spend a time in jail. The average waiting time in jail for drug possession is 30-40 months.

Selling drugs is a whole different level. If this happens to a person their consequences are going to be much bigger and worse than drug possession. Selling drugs and getting caught usually puts a person in jail for at least 9 years.

Unlike possession of illegal drugs and selling drugs, smuggling drugs into the U.S is a federal crime with long mandatory sentences. The minimal amount of jail time is 20 years or more.

One of the most common illegal drug among young men is called Cannabis. Cannabis has many names like pot, weed, or dope. It is made from the cannabis plant. Their leaves, flowers, and buds are used to make this illegal drug. Cannabis is a dried, herb type of tobacco. This drug is rolled up to make it look like a cigar or people put it in food. Studies showed that 34.9% of all 12th graders use cannabis. And about 6% of people use cannabis in their daily life.

Effects:Some effects of abusing drugs is that injuries will become more common,heart problems start to kick in and your brain won't work, comprehend like before. Your body will start to crave the drug if it doesn't constantly have it in the system. If the addict doesn't face his problem, the craving can become more serious and kill the person. Just remember this quote "When you can stop you don't want to, and when you want to stop you can't"(Davies,Luke)


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