By: Vivian liell

Puerto Rico is a place rich in culture and history, Its a place that is a very popular tourist destination. Especially San Juan, the small country's Capital. Great restaurants, beautiful beaches, extravagant rainforests, San Juan is the perfect Vacation destination.


San Juan is famous for its restaurants, from the real fancy ones to local favorites you can the best food Puerto Rico has to offer.

Famous Destinations

A Waterfall in El Yunque
Old San Juan

Once your full you can walk it off down the cobblestone streets of Old San Juan, where the bright colors of houses can guarantee never a boring day, The El Yunque rainforest is a place of Beautiful adventure, you can swim uner a waterfall, spot colorful birds that make their home there, ut make sure to bring an umbrella because its not called a rain forest for nothing.

The Fort of El Morro, Is very famous and is one of Puerto Rico's Largest Forts. You have to make a short trip up a steep hill which can be tiring but its worth it once you see the view from there its worth it.

A Coqui

At Night If you leave your window open, you can hear the very clear call of the Coqui. It is the unofficial symbol of puerto rico, only about an inch long the tiny frog's voice can be heard very loud and clear. It gets its name from they way its call sounds "Coqui,Coqui" Theres a legend that A Taino Chief Named Coqui saved his people from the Spanish by praying to the gods to turn them into frogs, by doing so he would never see his wife or child again but still went on to save his tribe. Now because of his selfless bravery the Coqui say his name every night so no one will forget him.


Puerto Rico is a melting pot of traditions taken from the native Taino indians ,Africans, and spanish peoples that lived there. Festivals are made of instruments native to Puerto Rico, bright colorful dresses and head accessories worn by beautiful dancers, and hand made masks. people come together to dance, sing, and celebrate the Puerto Rican culture. Everyone from other places are encouraged to join the fun and learn more about the beautiful island.

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