Teri Hofford inspirational speaker, Empowerment Photographer & Body image activist

Teri Hofford is an inspirational speaker, empowerment photographer and body image activist based out of Winnipeg, Manitoba. She first recognized her calling to mentor and help change the body image landscape when she embarked on the journey of photographing women of all sizes. During this project, she interviewed all the women and found that women at a size 0, 6, 10, 14, 18, and 24 and everywhere in between all hated the way they looked....which told her that body image had very little to do with the body at all and that no "size" or "shape" is the perfect one. After having been at both ends of the spectrum herself, Teri realized that achieving the "perfect" body was not the answer because it never came, but rather, finding contentment with the size and shape that one is at is the answer to feeling whole, confident and kind of a rebel. Known for speaking her truth, Teri's fun speaking style is engaging, motivational and has earned her the reputation of "Tough Love Teri".

Teri is the creator of BODY IMAGE BOOTCAMP (TM) and creator of iammorethanjustabody.com, 2 resources that help women to own their authenticity and help them stop the negative self talk and shift their focus from changing their bodies, to changing the world.



(can be adjusted for various time lengths of 20 minutes up to 1.5 hrs)

*Body Positivity & Social Media

*Body Image: Where it starts and how we are affected by it

*The Effects of Marketing on Self Esteem

Confident Curves: 7 Steps To Rocking What You Got

The Black JellyBean Theory: How to Be Okay With People Not Liking You

Finding Out Who I Wasn't: My Journey To Self Love

Drop The F* BOMB: Why Fat Isn't A Bad Word

Why You Look Terrible In Photos


(Half day or full day options are available)

Be Your Brand: The Freedom In Being An Authentic Entrepreneur

10 Ways to Improve your Relationship With Your Body

Body Image Bootcamp: Change Your Thoughts to Change Yourself (Full day workshop)

Confident Curves Photography : Empower Yourself, So You Can Empower Your Clients

Things People Are Saying:

"What an experience. As much as I am a mother, daughter, sister, wife etc. I had forgotten about my own individuality. This opened my eyes. Love yourselves first." - Miss J

"Sweetest funniest human ever. Love her and her talent." - Miss A

"The last few weeks I've tried to come to terms with past unhealthy diets. Trying to avoid starting one again, staying off the scale and just TRY to eat healthy. To set a good example to my daughters, and myself. And it reminded me of my second pregnancy. I dieted really hard after my first daughter, lost all the baby weight plus more. Gained 60 lbs with my second, and still carry 30 of it today. When I was pregnant with #2 I never allowed myself to be photographed. For almost 9 months there is not one picture of me pregnant. With my first born listening to my belly, with me enjoying carrying my child, nothing. Because of my disgust in how I looked. That will remain one of my biggest life regrets. I'm so glad I met you, and am learning so much about the importance of body love. So I can pass that on to my girls and they don't make the same mistakes" - Miss K

"It is okay to be"Fat" and that "Fat" is just a word, is just what I needed. Teri's messages give me and others hope and strength. We are loving women, with huge hearts and souls, and we are beautiful the way we are no matter what the scale or society tells us to be" - Miss Y

You can find Teri on social media here:

Instagram: @terihofford * Facebook: www.terihoffordphotography.com


Phone: (204) 390-3343

Email: thpstudios@gmail.com

Located: Winnipeg, MB but available for travel

Websites: terihoffordphotography.com


Teri Hofford Photography

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