Good Life Performance What is the good life

The theatre reminded me of the theatre at my high school in Fort Myers. The high school was big into the arts and the theatre there was smaller in size. Roughly the same size as constants theatre. But with this size it allows a more intimate sensation between the performers and audience. In the theatre I sat in the third row which included benefits but also drawbacks. The drawbacks were that when the performers entered the room they entered behind me, which I saw as a design flaw.

I attended the performance by myself but I did see some people there that I knew. But during the intermission I saw a huge amount of interaction between everyone. This is what part of the good life is all about, creating these social interactions; which in turn create memories and friends.

I knew nothing about the play before hand and I wanted it that way. Throughout the play there were references to child labor, pedophilia, and a sense of lost. The interesting moment was the sense of lost in one of the main characters in the beginning. He didn't want to become a priest but he couldn't do anything else due to his financial statues. Which could be the reason he hasn't found the good life yet. I can say that nothing in the play has any relationship with my personal life.

Katharsis is very evident throughout, involving the priests all the way to the factory owner. Katharsis is about coming clean and with the two main characters playing the priests one comes clean to the other about a personal situation and vise versa. Toward the end of the play one of the priests decides to come clean and tell the authorities allowing for justice to be served. And with the factory owner, he confesses about his child labor and his employees came clean about the effects that the kids have experience while working there.

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