100% Pure American Rage By Anti Mortem

New Southern

2014 | Metal

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"Hate, retaliate, riot, revolutionize. -- We can no longer stand idly by, -- Rebel against this devil or meet your demise, -- How much can we give until we realize."


  • Anti-Mortem hail from Chickasha, OK.
  • When New southern was released the average age of its members was 21.
  • The band name is derived from the Latin "Antemortem," which means "before death."


Luke Tatum

I honestly thought we might have already reached the high point for anger with this song list. I'm pleasantly surprised! Anti-Mortem takes us on an intense journey here, especially if you tune in for the music video. Other than the righteous chorus, the standout lyric for me is the incorporation of "join or die." This references the legendary political cartoon of Benjamin Franklin, depicting a snake cut into pieces. It was actually originally used durign the French and Indian War, prior to being adopted in the lead-up to the American Revolution. The original meaning was to incite the colonists to participate in the earlier war. An interesting problem we humans face, isn't it? We are so easily manipulated into joining causes "greater than ourselves" that are genuinely nothing but glorified murder campaigns.

Sherry Voluntary

This hard hitting rage filled tune is dripping with the frustration of the freedom minded youth of America. Maybe those just beginning to enter adulthood and for the first time experience all of the little injustices that many of us older folks have come to uneasy terms with. “Learn to pick your battles.” That phrase said hundreds of times to me as a young person, rings in my head in the voice of my mother. I wanted to right every wrong and by sheer force of will, make things different. It was quite some time before I came to libertarianism, and had a better, more logical and consistent way to think about and verbalize the transgressions on the individual. Over those years I also matured into a better understanding of violence and its consequences. While I still maintain my passion for freedom, I’ve learned that, while it may be justified, taking up arms in violent revolution is a very dangerous game, and may not work to our advantage. As small as the libertarian segment of the population is, there would most definitely need to be alliances with a broader spectrum of the populace. Who would our allies be? Most likely conservative authoritarians. What would be the next step? Is it really reasonable to believe that those authoritarians would somehow not also want to subjugate people back under the constitution or worse, some kind of martial law? Would the power vacuum created lead to factional fighting that would extend the suffering and death, and lead to even less freedom? It is my opinion that violence should always be a very last resort. While I feel and understand the frustration of this song, I cannot support actual violence until there are no other viable alternatives. Until then, I will enjoy good music like this to help alleviate some of that pressure and aggravation.

Nicky P

Leave it to the youth. I'd be lying if I said this song didn't give me just a smidgen of hope. Granted this came out in 2014 and for all I know these guys became Trumpers or Bernie bros or maybe both. Still, the idea that the youth could be this pissed at the state of affairs is just a little bit heart warming. I think their point was that rebellion is an american trait but if I'm not hanging out with a bunch of hillbillies I won't entertain that kind of collectivist thinking. I have no need for national baggage...don't **** with my dago **** though. Seriously though. I want to have you do a quick re-framing in your own mind. Imagine for an instance that the vocalist is directing the main lyric at the state. For that matter the America makes rage in me every day. Murdering brown people globally, robbing people nationally. There are plenty of ways in which the state can build a mountain of rage inside us all. Good job kids!

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Nicky P

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