Angels and Butterflies 2016 - "Love thy Self"

Angels on the 101

Once again I meet with NIekko Chin, fellow King of the Free Folk and the creator of the Zen Awakening. We have not seen each other since our first official team-up during 'Across the Desert' earlier this year.

The 101 Diner

At his suggestion, we meet at a place called the '101 Diner'. Like the vintage theatre in which I saw Dr. Strange with Paradox during "The Doctor is In", this place is thick with the energies of Story. Classic quotes from films adorn the pavement leading into the venue, followed by a wall of celebrity portraits endlessly viewing themselves in the mirror. The essence of Hollywood, of Stories, Song and Dance, is ripe in the atmosphere, filling the space with it's magick.

It is auspicious, to be led to such places on the Quest, for I am naive to the landmarks of this realm, recognizing them as the current incarnation of the elemental energies of the Consciousness, manifest. Such is a place that smells of the Holy Wood, of the dreams and desires of the People, their valiant Quest for self-expression across a towne of tinsels and titans.

We sit in a place called the '101 Diner', sharing talkstory over our most recent adventures. That Niekko arrives in this moment is auspicious to me, for it is realmsign of arrival in the planes of production, of grounding, and of Kingship.

something is coming to me. Teasing at the edge of my senses. The remedy and the alchemy long sought. The Agape, perhaps, of my relationship with the Earth plane. With having a Self.

As Inwrite this, my chest burns. A sign of my medicating my Self beyond hte appropriate point. I know that Inam entering a state of healing, where LOVE, Love for hte Self

Receiving guidance from Spirit, Niekko suggests that we head northwards, towards the towne of Ojai. He tells me of an ally, a Queen of Butterflies, that I should meet. As we drive, I tell him of the Quest,

The Ojai Cocoon

It is here we meet Andrea Brook, creator of the Sonic Butterfly

It is beautiful to arrive in such a realm, filled with devotion and Love of music. A sacred tabernacle to transformation. Of course, my arrival at such places of resonant vibration is the physics of the quest in action.


For some time, Niekko has been suggesting I find my way to the 'Full Circle Farm' a collective living zone nestled near the Dragon that looks, on the surface, like the 'Ojai Foundation'. Such is in the same area that we gathered wood for Naturaya's NEST during the 'Onelove' episode of the Journey Home.

As we wander, I have the sense of being escorted, by my fellow King in the Circus and the Free, in ambassadorial dignity and Grace. It is a thing I appreciate deeply, for the robust of true fellowship is a fine thing indeed.

Meditation Mount

Niekko leads me through his pattern of sacred spots, here in the beautiful Land of Ojai. This includes a realm called 'Meditation Mount', which immediately resonates with me in sanctity, reminding of the timbre of the realms of King Garth.

Angels and Avatars

There is a confluence, as Niekko and I arrive at Mimosa's within sacred Topanga. The energy is thick, filled with the churning cauldron of forces that defines the confluence of ley lines and avatars that is Topanga. Sitting down, Niekko resonates with Nick, one of the guardians who frequents the place, recalling the same dreamscape in which he viewed himself and I in our angelic rainments during 'Across the Desert'.

It is a confluence of great revelation, as Words of Wisdom are passed between us, revealing the lessons necessary for each of our movements Home. One in which the current Lesson for me, which is to listen more to others and not dismiss their realities. I am deeply thankful for Niekko's presence as well as Nick for these things coming to bear.

Purpose, Desire, and the Rainbow Moon

What happens next is one of the Major Magicks of this lifetime. A confluence of such epic, transcendent proportions, proving there is no separation, words barely do it justice.

I see it so clearly, in all of my circumstance. Everything from the state of my body temple to that of my vehicle and beyond, all wrought from this singular thing, my own prism of Self and my relationship with it. In this, I see the great lesson refined, the way in which we have relationship with the Self, reminded during the ayhuasca gathering through the attending shaman as, in the throes of the Mother, I was reminded yet again of being an Angel, sent in Service to reveal the road back to Heaven on Earth for the People.

"Repetition" Niekko says, referencing his own training in the Mystery. "The ritual of Life". I share with him, while I am adept in many magicks, the nature of this repetition, of this integral part of the human condition, was untouchable for me for a long time.

The Storyteller

The Rainbow Gate

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