Stock Market Project By: Alexander Lemos Berg

Stage 1 Reflection

The stock market is where shares (parts of a company) in corporations are issued and traded. The stock of a company is sold in units called shares. A share is a unit of ownership, or equity, in a company or a corporation. To companies a stock market is a way to generate capital normally in the form of cash. Instead of taking a loan from the bank anyone can invest in the company. Depending on the value of the company and the demand for the stock the price of the stock can go up and down. Some of the major stock exchanges around the world are NASDAQ, DAX, JASDAQ. Each company can be identified by its ticker symbol. A ticker symbol is a series of letters that stand for a certain company like google is GOOG. Some companies offer dividends to shareholders depending on the type of share they hold and the earnings of the companies. IF you want to invest in a stock market it can be a big gamble because stocks always rise and fall and you can never control what happens to it, you can loose all the money you spent investing in companies.

These are the three companies I chose to start off with

Google (Alphabet INC) GOOG

AP Moeller Maersk A/S MAERSK-B

Honeywell International Inc. HON

Stage 3 Reflection

Over this project I have made a lot of changes from my initial investments like selling more than half of my investments, and buying more shares in different companies. I Realised that selling a lot of my companies actually hurt my percentage/ ranking in the class because i sold most of the companies as they were peeking. In my portfolio at the moment the companies that are doing well is amazon and EA. Amazon is up by 7.73% and EA is up by 0.87%. One of the three companies that I have invested in just started to go down after peaking for a while. REN hasn’t been doing so well lately, for the time being it is down by -0.42. I bought most of my stocks as they were starting to rise, some in the middle of their peak and one at its very peak which was not the smartest because I am down now a bit. I sold some of my successful stoks thinking that it might benefit me but it was a good investment because I gained a couple more euros than I had before. If I was able to change my portfolio I wouldn't have sold netflix because it was rising and that would have resulted in a higher profit than I have at the moment. Other than that small change in my portfolio I think that it would be smart to have invested in apple or samsung before their newer products have come out then have sold them before the initial price of the shares that I bought went down.

Final Reflection

This was a very interesting project that opened me up to many major possibilities in life, “Money” in the stock market is a major gamble because you never know if you will gain more of it or lose it all. My project was very controversial in the sense that my would go up and down all the time. In the beginning of the project i was not sure about good investments. I played it safe so that I would not lose everything immediately. In the beginning I invested in: Honeywell, Alphabet Inc Class C, INC, The Coca-Cola Co, JetBlue Airways Corporation, 21st Century Fox-A. In the beginning I was doing ok, but then I realised that some of the companies i invested in were failing and so i traded them for more successful ones. Mid October I was doing really well I was raked 15 and all my companies were above 1%. The most reliable and best companies in my portfolio were: REN, Netflix, and Amazon. The worst companies in my portfolio were: JetBlue , Honeywell, EA. The surprising thing was I bought stocks from EA before fifa 17 came out thinking that it would shoot up but it was really low and always was making my ranking worse and worse. At some point I decided to sell all my stocks in a couple companies but decided to keep three. I sold everything else. This made my portfolio and ranking plumate. If i am able to redo this project I would invest smarter in stocks and hope for the best. I wish i could have invested in apple and samsung before they launched their new projects so that my ranking would have gone up substantially.

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