October Newsletter Sunridge Middle School

Message from Mr. Williams

I can’t believe we are already nine weeks into the school-year; where has the time gone!

As our fall sports have concluded, we look forward to the beginning of boys’ basketball with games starting next week. We have a lot of activities and events coming soon! Please note the following:

  • November 10 Veterans Day - No School
  • November 20 SMS Pow-Wow
  • November 20 Evening Conferences
  • November 21 Day and Evening Conferences - No School
  • November 22- 24 Thanksgiving break - No School
  • December 15 Activity Night

SMS Volleyball

The SMS girls volleyball team would like to say a HUGE thank you to Janet Maddern for using her grant money from Native, It's Your Game to purchase much needed new volleyball jerseys for the entire volleyball club. It was a real treat to be able to all be dressed in nice, new uniforms that looked so classy. These uniforms will be such a nice addition to our program for years to come. Thank you again for your caring spirit and willingness to help! We love you Janet!!!!!

Native, It's Your Game

In 2010 I was offered an opportunity to become a Native Health Educator through the Northwest Portland Area Indian Health Board and took my courses through the University of Texas-Health Science Center at Houston. I received my certification through the University of Texas in 2012 to begin the first stages of research in order to develop a curriculum and lessons that reference holistic health consisting of physical, emotional, social, mental and spiritual dimensions of health for Native It’s Your Game. During the next five years of research, we were able to get a grant through the Native It’s Your Game to promote a healthy lifestyle and since athletics not only promotes health and wellness, but also promotes positive emotional, social and mental health, so I was able to use the money for athletics.

I was unsure what to purchase with the funds for the school, until my daughter Alexis Maddern told me at their first volleyball game that all her teammates didn’t have uniforms. As I looked at her teammates on the court, I noticed they were wearing matching uniforms, so I didn’t understand what she was talking about. Alexis then pointed to the next team to play and they did not all have uniforms, she said “they are my teammates too mom, we represent the same school!”. As she began to cheer her teammates on for the next game, she turned to me and asked me “Is there anything you can do about the uniforms mom?” I began to think of what could possibly be done, then I received a phone call the next day of the funds that needed to be used or a plan for them to be used. So along with the approval from the school district, Principal Dave Williams, Vice Principal Jared Tesch and Athletic Director Steve Larson, we were able to purchase 80 volleyball uniforms.

Spirit Week

Monday - Sport Day

Tuesday - Twin Day

Wednesday - Pink Day

Thursday - Throwback Day

Friday - Halloween Costume Day

Halloween Activity Night

Sunridge PBIS: Activity Nights

Sunridge Middle School is committed to the principles of school-wide Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports (PBIS). As such we seek to maximize student success through positive relationships and proactive instruction that teaches and recognizes students that are ready to learn, respectful and responsible. As part of this, we teach and reinforce school-wide expectations in coordination with systemic rewards and recognitions including Bronc Bucks, No Tardy Parties, Bronc Pride Activity Hours, and the Sunridge Snack Shack.

One reward that students always look forward to and work hard to qualify for is our Activity Night. These exceptional activities replace our traditional dances are held three or four times throughout the year. To qualify for entry, students must demonstrate readiness by consistently being to class on time, responsibility by keeping the grades up, and respect by staying out of any serious trouble. Much more than just a dance, activities include open gym, BINGO, karaoke, concessions, and other options hosted by our Leadership students. To cover costs, entry is $5 or only $4 with a Bronc Buck.

Our first Activity Night of the year, held on October 20th, was Halloween themed and was a great success, with nearly 400 students in attendance. (A big thank you to our almost 30 volunteer chaperone.) Fun was had for all! If you are interested in helping chaperone our next Activity Night in December or would like more information, please contact the office.

SMS Robotics

Four teams competed Monday, October 30th in the first Robotics Meet of this year’s season: G.I.R.L.S (Girls in Robotics Lovin’ Science), Na Mea Enchilada, Red Legion, and The Animals. This first meet was a practice meet to ensure everyone understood how things run and go through the process of robot inspection. All four teams passed inspection and were able to get their robots moving (at least part of the time). There were frustrating moments and frantic repairs but, at the end of the night, teams packed up with plans for revisions and reprogramming. We all learned a lot! Thanks to all of the volunteers who made it happen!!

8th Grade Football against Armand

Mr. Gundlach's Film and Photography Class

Two months into the new school year we have 31 eager students finishing their first video projects after cooperatively working their way through the process of learning and practicing seventeen essential elements of videography, all while sharing just five cameras and one working microphone. At the same time, all students are working to prove mastery of the use of our video editing program; WeVideo. We have a classroom set of ChromeBooks, and each student has a WeVideo account for his or her own video editing platform.

The seventeen elements students are working to master and employ in each video they shoot are as follows: An establishing shot; which is customarily a long shot, a medium shot, and a tight shot, all properly sequenced. All photos and videos must utilize the rule of 3rds; i.e. dividing the screen into 3rds, like a tic tac toe board, with eyes on 3rd, which is the top 3rd line of that tic tac toe board, and then allow for adequate talking space (i.e. empty or open screen space should be in front of the subject, not behind - and viewer should be able to see both of the subject’s eyes - with proper lighting). Students must use a tripod to keep all shots stable. If still photos are utilized in a video, those photos must be animated with the video editor to show movement of the subject in order to keep the viewer’s attention. Students learn about and employ B-roll and cut-away shots when appropriate, and should use smooth, uniform transitions throughout their videos. Each video should employ at least one sound bite with smooth voice to visual transition. Background music should fade in and out appropriately so as not to interfere with any voice/talking. All students must employ text on screen at the beginning and the end of their videos, along with proper use of lighting and adequate voice volume throughout each video.

That last element, voice volume, has proven to be our greatest challenge, as only three of our five cameras have microphone jacks, and we only have one good, working microphone. This situation requires that students always pay extremely careful attention to capturing adequate voice volume, choose shot locations that are absent of background noise, and that we all schedule our shoots tightly to ensure that everyone gets the opportunity to use the equipment.

Here are a couple samples of our student’s first practice efforts for this year - enjoy!

Mr. Jacobs' Woodshop

Since our program is supported, primarily through grants and donations, I feel it is important to teach the students to give back when we can. In the past, we have made toys for children and donated them to the Festival of Trees. Last year, we created looms to give to Crow’s Shadow Institute. This year we were recipients of a donation that consisted of a decommissioned cabin from Outdoor School. Combined with a glut of surplus siding, some roofing shingles, and donated paint, the idea of building doghouses came to mind. A plan was formed and a partnership was created with PAWS. Our 8th grade students, in Production Class, have built, roofed, and painted a dozen dog houses that will be handed over Friday, for the purpose of raising money to support PAWS and the animals they care for. I am very proud of the students and their willingness to work so hard, for this cause.

Fun building dog houses
PAWS taking delivery of dog houses

Mrs. Sickels' Art Students

Lions International Peace Poster Competition

Congratulations to the following art students from Mrs. Sickels room who participated in the Lions Club Peace Poster Contest- the winners and honorable mentions were announced last night at a reception at the Pendleton Center for the Arts-

Erin Picken- 1st Place won $300

Keilah Mossman 2nd place won $200

Hanah Bane 3rd place won $100

Honorable Mentions were Georgie Jones-Hoisington, Maria Alvarez-Barroso, and Kendal West.

In the 14 year old category both Natalie Cothren and Chantarelle Karrer were given special recognition.

We are proud of all the artist who represented our school and if you are interested in seeing their work it is on display in the gallery at the Art Center for the next two weeks.

Bronc Pride Awards - October

6th Grade

Cali Alanis, Jesus Angel, Elizabeth Benedict, Melanie Boatman, Crae Campbell, Whitney Chen, Mykayla Comstock, Anthony Crawford, Jairo Gachupin, Owen Golter, Ella Guenther, Hunter Holford, Ashtyn Larsen, Handy Lieuallen, Eli Marsh, Viviana Martinez, Arzine McKay, Nolan Mead, Gage Munt, Yaneli Rodriguez, Ashley Sieders, Avyn Watchman

7th Grade

Maria Alvarez, Jayce Cecil, Andrew Demianew, Roody Eichholz, Ruby Erb, Jonathan Ferman, Aiden Kitchen, Sasha Kovalak, Layla Otteson, Caitlin Pratuch, Bryan Rosas, Landon Sheoships, Liliana Sosa, Sierra Sowers, Abby Thorne, Adam Thorne, Daniella Torres, Lane Yarbrough

8th Grade

Owen Ancheta, Tianna Arthur, Brookelynn Banks, Parker Campbell, Kevin Castaneda, Ella Chrisman, Migel Cisneros, Melinda Cramp, Jacob Devereaux, Hailee Dorgan, Jade Gandy, Sauren Garton, McKenna Harrington, Arelia Huber, Daisy Jenness, Keri Kunz, Isabelle LeCornu, Julianah Matamoros, Jack Monkman, Lucy Oyama, Anahi Ponce, Caden Rugg, Gwyn Salvador, Ellie Samford, Natalie Sieders, Mallory Thornburg, Nizhonia Toledo, MacKenzie Whaley


Mrs. Sou Mr. Gundlach's Film and Photography class

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