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Problem [Revised]: There is no clear way patients can acquire online copies of their office visit receipts via the Kaiser Permanente web site:

New Questions: 1. Did you know you can see your office visit expense records on 2. If yes, where do you access them/What link do you first click? 3. What link do you next click? 4. Are the link labels clear enough where you confidently know you can access the office visits information via them? 5. What are your thoughts, if any, on how Kaiser can make accessing this information clearer?

Observations [Video]:

- I interviewed a person who fits my “Techfemme” persona, asking her to walk through the website making note of her steps to find the screen housing the office visit costs documents based on the new questions shown above. As my site “user” navigated in search of the office visit receipts, one major issue arose with the nomenclature or naming process Kaiser implemented on their site. Kaiser uses a number terms that could mean the same thing. This was quite disconcerting and confusing to the “user.” There is redundancy in some of the naming structures also. The “user” felt implementing a clear naming protocol for the pages would aid greatly with user navigation.

Three examples of unclear nomenclature to could cover office visit records: • Claims Summary • Out of Pocket Summary • Medical Bills

All three links are found first, on the My Coverage & Costs second level page. However, the user expressed great concern about not clearly understanding from these terms if she could get to the office visit costs page. I was quite taken a back by her statement that she did not understand the “language” Kaiser is using on their site. Her first choice was to click on Medical Bills. However, this page presented a PDF to download, and was a summary of all the medical bills in one period. There was nothing here that broke down the individual visits and their individual costs. She then went back to the home page and chose the Medical Record link. Again, nothing covering office visit costs could be found. She then returned to the My Coverage & Costs page and just as a guess, clicked on the Claims Summary, and lo and behold, this is where the office visit individual records and their costs can be found.

This process took over five minutes. At the end, the user felt that it would benefit Kaiser greatly if they reworked the naming structure above any other needed changes that could aid the user as they navigated the site.

I am proposing a drop down menu be incorporated for all related page links. In the case of the Coverage and Costs page, the primary links in the drop down menu should be Premium Bills, Medical Bill, and Office Visit Statements. Also add the link name Office Visit Statements to the Pay Bills box under the Medical Bills and Premium Bills links. I propose changing the Claims Summary term to Office Visit Statements, as this nomenclature clearly identifies what the user is looking for.

Global navigation map and Coverage & Costs wireframe

This project does not involve screen/page redesign. It concerns presenting the user with a clear nomenclature and navigational structure.


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