Zimbabwe economy By ian lane

Day 1: I have arrived at Zimbabwe and I am roaming around the streets. I see so many people on the streets begging for money. This doesn't surprise me since Zimbabwe has only 5% of their country working. For today I rest and tomorrow I go to the mines. The mines I have found out get quite a bit of coal. Also I'll take a look at their economy.

Day 2: I meet with the president but I wasn't allowed to bring my knote book in because they are afraid of bombs apparently so I talking in past tense. The president said the economy is more of a mixed economy. He also told me that 95% of the population don't work witch make Zimbabwe one of the poorest countries in the world. He also told me that Zimbabwe is also a decomacracyn, that elects their president. He also told me that they sell a lot of coal because they found a lot in the mines and coal powers lots of things.

Day 3: unfortunately I wasn't able to get to the mines yesterday because someone tried to assasinat the president last month and I had to go through about 6 metal detectors and about 5 things taken from me that I had to get back after the meeting. Anyway at the mines I see a couple doesn't down deep mining coal, gold, and iron ore. I asked the workers what happens to the materials. The worker said they sold and traded all of their resources but the gold was mainly for the treasury which is in dept. The worker also talked about Zimbabwe being a mixed economy. He said that the government the amount of material sold in the stores, shipped out, and how much they need right away. Also even though the county is mixed it is still highly controlled by the government, pretty much in the middle between controlled and mixed.

Day 4: Unfortunately the person I talked to in the coal mines, bob, was executed for mining to much coal. But today I'm going to the market to see what's for sale. I could see in the hardware store that they sold wood, iron, coal, and other metals. Also I may had knocked over a self full of thick planks on top of someone and killed them, but no one has to know that. I also saw tea, milk, bread, eggs, meats etc. But as for the coal I could tell from the portion in the mines to the stores that a lot of coal is either being used by the government, bought out, or both. I was also robbed of all of my money because family need it to buy food, but now I can't buy food, so this trip may not have been the best to take 5,000 dollars to, oops. I also had to kill the guy to get my money back so I could get a plane ticket.

Day 5: So now I'm leaving Zimbabwe (with a little bit of bought coal) back to the United States, I think I did pretty good seeing that that they have a mixed economy (leaning more twords command) they have a decmocracy and figured out how they distributed their materials. Beside the 3 deaths and 2 murders I did pretty well, although I feel this raggedy old plane will fall out of the sky.


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