Oakfield News Issue 69 25th September 2020

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Note from our Head

The weather has changed this week from sunshine to rain and a cold wind, but we at Oakfield are staying energetic and positive. It has been lovely to see happy children excited about their laptops, enjoying individual music lessons, counting and singing in Nursery, giving performances at playtime on our new amphitheatre and generally having fun with their friends, both old and new.

We are spending time reflecting on our core values, how we can thread them throughout everything we do at school and how we can continue grow our children in these values and the character traits linked to them. With that in mind, here are some thoughts to hopefully encourage and inspire us in the days ahead.

You are braver than you believe, and stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think – Christopher Robin

When it rains look for rainbows, when it’s dark look for stars.

Anyone who has never made a mistake has never tried anything new – Albert Einstein

The only person you should try to be better than is the person you were yesterday.

Courage doesn’t always roar. Sometime courage is the quiet voice at the end of the day saying: “I will try again tomorrow.” Mary Anne Radmacher

Be yourself. Everyone else is already taken. Oscar Wilde

You were born to be real, not to be perfect.

Wishing you all happy and restful weekends.

Moyra Thompson


Next Friday 2nd October the children are encouraged to come into school wearing their jumper inside out and odd socks (the wackier the better and the most memorable will win some special prizes!). Please note Year 6 will need sports socks to wear shinpads in the afternoon!

We ask for a donation of at least £1 per child which will go towards our chosen charity Place2Be. They should bring this in an envelope and give it to their form teacher. The envelope should have the child's name and amount on it. This donation will also go towards Cupcake Day which is happening the following week. More details to follow!


We made ourselves out of gingerbread! We used chocolate balls for eyes and liquorice laces for hair. We added teeth and lips; as well as lots of other different features and items of clothing! Delicious!

Tea for two!


Dear Parents/Carers,

This week we have been looking at our bodies, our senses and our feelings. The children have learned about the 5 different senses and have used them practically in the classrooms, as well as reading Elmer and the Wind and discussing the different senses Elmer uses in the story. We have been looking at 2D shapes and practising recognising them and describing their properties.

We made handprints this week and wrote our names on them, to signify our agreement to the school’s Golden Rules. These will all be displayed in the hall.

Next week, our focus will be ‘Where I live and where I have been’. Please encourage the children to bring in any letters and postcards from relatives for Show and Tell. The children only bring one show and tell per week, if they would like.

We have sent home their first reading and discussion books. They will be sent home every Wednesday and need to be returned on Monday morning. Please can you write a comment in the reading records. Please focus on sound or digraph recognition, blending and asking them lots of inference questions about the story.

With best wishes,

Miss Treppass and Mrs. Barrett Nnochiri

The Upper Foundation Team

Year 1

Counter Culture

This week, Year 1 have been learning about the artist Guiseppe Archimbaldo. We were inspired by his work and created our own class pieces with an array of fruit and vegetables! We then experimented with oil pastels and had a go at creating our own pastel version of the fruit face. Take a look at some of our wonderful work!

A rather fruity expression!

Year 2

Woolly Customers

This week Year 2 have been finding out about Materials in Science. We have been looking at what are the key materials found in the world around us. The children have looked at what Man-Made and Natural materials we use.

Year 2 found a few that we use straight from the source such a wood for a bench and others that need to be cleaned first such as wool. Paper made us think about all the trees we use during our lives and we learnt that bricks need a long process from source to our walls!

You can't pull the wool over their eyes!


A place you can be yourself!

In Year 3, children have settled into their new maths groups nicely last week. We have all been looking comparing and ordering numbers using place value!


Skele-ton of learning

Year 4 have been looking closely at the human skeleton in their Science lessons. Here are 4PD with their moving models.'

Just a few of the skeleton crew!

2 Legs a Leaping

We were investigating whether the length of your leg makes a difference to how far you can jump from a standing start.


Year 4 have made the most of their outdoor P.E time this week. They had fun cheering their teams on during the relay races, perfecting their camo crawls and long jumping into a hoop. It was wonderful to see them working collaboratively as a team!


The European Day of Languages is a time to celebrate the many languages spoken throughout Europe and the world, promote language learning and have some multilingual fun!

It takes place on 26th September and aims to celebrate more than 6000 languages that are spoken around the world, and the different cultures that speak them.

The European Day of Languages has been celebrated every year since 2001 on 26th September - together with the European Commission.


Apart from the current crisis there have never been more opportunities to work or study in a different European country - but lack of language competence prevents many people from taking advantage of them.

Globalisation and patterns of business ownership mean that citizens increasingly need foreign language skills to work effectively within their own countries. English alone is no longer enough.

Europe is rich in languages - there are over 200 European languages and many more spoken by citizens whose family origin is from other continents. This is an important resource to be recognised, used and cherished.

Language learning brings benefits to young and old - you are never too old to learn a language and to enjoy the opportunities it opens up. Even if you only know a few words of the language of the country that you visit (for example on holiday), this enables you to make new friends and contacts.

Learning other peoples' languages is a way of helping us to understand each other better and overcome our cultural differences.

At Oakfield Prep School, we will be taking part in a special online Art competition. More details will follow in the next issue of the Newsletter so stay tuned!

!Hasta pronto!

Mrs Diaz and Miss Moral.



Spot the pupil whose head has been replaced witha piece of sports equipment!

Years 3 and 6 enjoyed playing a range of sports in the sunny playground earlier this week - we are pleased how everyone got involed and had masses of fun!

Race2Be for Place2Be

The Year 6 children have been wonderful showing their support for Mr Bower who is training for the Virtual London Marathon on Sunday 4th October. We wish him the best of luck and there will be more news about his exploits over the next 2 weeks!

The school is doing two large fundraising activities to help raise money for Place 2Be, the school's chosen charity of the term and for whom Mr Bower is running for. More information about these will be out soon.

In the meantime you can find out more information about the charity here:

Clubs and Activities

Karate Club returned on Monday night with Years 5 and 6.

Meanwhile, at ASCC the children could enjoy the new equipment in the sunshine.

Friday Maths Challenge

This week's challenge:

Last week's answer:


A message to our Oakfield pupils with birthdays this week from our Head Boy Sam and Head Girl Izzy!

Have a well-deserved weekend everyone!


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