Psychology/ Psychiatry

Psychology is the science of behavior and mind, embracing all aspects of conscious and unconscious experience as well as thought. Its a science that attempts to understand the human mind and how it works. They aim to do this through counseling, treatment, and other various school settings.

The brain is the key role in psychology. A psychologist will evaluate another person's mental and emotional stability and behavior. These people are specialized in helping people be able to cope and overcome certain obstacles.
Now on the other hand, psychiatry is the medical practice in which physicians study, diagnose, try to prevent, and treat various mental disorders. Unlike psychologists, psychiatrists are medical doctors, and can prescribe medicine. They can also do therapy, and do physical tests such as CTs, MRIs, cat scans, and blood tests.
Psychology uses both logic and technique. The goal is to dissect the brain and get a better understanding.
Both psychiatry and psychology analyzes the brain in a broad spectrum; looking at it from a biological viewing point to a sociological way.
Although the two careers do go hand and hand, the wages don't. Perhaps this is because psychiatrists have to undergo medical school, but nonetheless, the wages do differ. On average, a psychologist makes approximately $68,640 annually since 2010. Whereas on the other hand, psychiatrists make an average of $166,400 annually since 2010. That's almost a $100,000 difference!


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