Sojourners Truth fighting for freedom..

Early Life/Childhood

So before we start this i would LOVE to tell a joke. Because i need to, its my life. What do skeletons use to call people?

A TELE-BONE! (get it?) ORANGE you glad i told THIS joke? I AM! your probably laughing or crying because the bad puns ;-; >w< well no more puns because i could get a ´´F´´ for this! </3

She Was born in 1797 in New York. She was sold at 11 years old with sheep for $100 witch is a lot of money. Slaves were a lot of money back then. She was Sexualy abused by her owner when she was younger. Her parents were sold away. She was the only child. She probably tried to escape slavery. She was a slave witch you probably know by now. So her childhood was pretty sad. But she is no longer a slave gladly! She was a slave for about 30 years.
(When she was older)

Interesting Facts

She made a BIG DIFFERENT´S in life. She helped give black women rights. And some men. She also helped by fighting for freedom with Abraham Lincoln. She did help fight for freedom. She tried to make black people able to drive in streetcar for faster traveling. And so she did help a lot. Sojourners stood up for her rights and most white people let black people on board.
she fighted for freedom
In 1843 she began to travel to places, telling a lot Americans about freedom and equality. SO most Americans know that there is or WAS slaves in there country. A LOT of slaves. Slaves were forced to work without being payed anything, pretty messed up. And if you did not work you would get PUNished. (okay i will stop with the puns) but they did get beet..really badly. LIKE with whips, witch hurt them really, really badly. So they do there work to not get this punishment. But i feel very bad don´t you?
Her REAL name was Isabella. She joined the black church a while back. Because she was tired of facing segregation in the white churches in New York. She worked as a maid for many, many years. She wishes to get enough money to buy a house to share with her kids. Because her house was very small and she lived with someone else.
Sojourners Truth
She was a very peaceful lady. Well not when it came to when she got pulled out by the white man in the streetcar. She got the man in jail AND fired... When she ran away she realized she was a run away slave and she had no where to go nor money. So she got on her knees and prayed, and her daughter Sophie was just still a baby, she had no idea what to do. She asked god while she was praying ´´where do i go?´´ she asked. God told or lead her to a home of the Van Wagener´s. They let her stay she was kinda shocked that she could stay but still very happy. They were kind to Sojourner. They gave her a bed to sleep in and let her stay. Some day later the slave owners found her and tryed to fores her to come back. But she didnt
she had a home with another family.
But sadly like it all happens...She died in 1883.. Everyone felt terrible when she died.. But she still fought for freedom when she was alive and will be known.. well that´s Sojourner truth.. A slave who was or had a owner for 30 years and escaped with her daughter and fought for freedom years later.
she died in 1883

Spinale, Laura. Sojourner Truth. Chanhassen, MN: Child's World, 2000. Print.

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