Connecting OUr YOuth With The Qur'an Support The Lamppost Education Initiative's Ramadan Fundraising Drive

Help us to conduct a FREE Qur'an Retreat for our Youth

The Lamppost Education Initiative seeks to conduct a unique three-day retreat with 100 Muslim young men where we connect with nature and the Qur'an. This retreat will take place at Indian Springs Park, about one hour from Atlanta, Georgia, and will include hiking, self-defense, archery, and unique sessions with Ustadh Nuh Saunders and other Muslim scholars on how the Qur'an helps develop manhood. The Lamppost Education Initiative seeks your support to make this a FREE event for our young men.

Many of our young Muslim men and women are suffering in this increasingly polarized society wherein manhood is devalued. Our Muslim children are facing unprecedented challenges to their moral and ethical values. These values are found in the Qur'an and we have an obligation to make every effort to instill the values of the Qur'an in our children.

In 2020, the Lamppost Education Initiative (Lamppost) held the Black American Muslim Conference which focused on the problems of our youth.

Helping the development of our youth

Among many things we learned from this conference was that the concept of manhood, particularly from the Quranic perspective, is being undervalued by society. Based on the conference's feedback and other discussions, Lamppost has decided to organize a unique three-day retreat for young Muslim boys entitled: 'Connecting with the Qur'an'

Our goal at this event is to emphasize the value of prioritizing the Qur'an in shaping manhood. The retreat will focus on the reading of the Qur'an and the practical lessons that emphasize the development of healthy manhood traits in young boys.

The event will be a fun, learning experience for Muslim youth at-risk. An effort to transform the lives of young men by allowing them to engage with the Qur'an. We hope that this event will be a springboard for other youth related events for both young men and women.

An engaging event that provides our youth with a connection to the Qur'an and Nature. Listen to this video with Atiba Saleem Jones of SAVE Institute, one of our consultants for this special retreat.

You can make this retreat transformational experience that our youth can benefit from by supporting our 2021 Ramadan Fundraising Drive. Your donation will enable us to help serve some of the Islamic needs of our Muslim youth. Please give generously to this and other efforts of the Lamppost Education Initiative. Find out more about our other projects and programs by clicking the link below