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Positive is a memoir about Paige Rawl an ordinary girl who looked just like the rest of the girls but she is slightly different. Paige's mother got pregnant without knowing she was HIV positive and sadly that meant Paige would be HIV positive as well. Paige's childhood was spending every day at the hospital being treated by nurses and having blood taken out all the time. She has to take medicine for the rest of her life to be able to survive. She states that if it wasn't because her mother took care of her she wouldn't be here today. Growing up she got bullied because of her condition and it reached a point where she wanted to take her life and not suffer anymore. However from this experience it made her stronger and decided to make a change for herself and other kids who are victims of bullying. She became a positive influence for others and she shares her life experience through this memoir.

  • The first memory from freshman year is the first day of school. I was really nervous that it felt as if my hands were sweating as I walked in the door. I remember getting to school with my best friend and we had no idea where to go. Stepping inside each class and feeling the tension between the students who were already sitting down. As I would walked to an empty seat I could hear their heartbeat beating fast trying to find comfort with someone they knew. Everything was different compared to middle school. This time there were more students, more classrooms, and a different routine. At first I felt like a flower that just bloomed but I knew I would fit in with the rest of the flowers. When we all came together in the big gym it felt real for the first time that I was now in high school and growing up. The first day wasn’t as bad as I thought. The best part was going home and “surviving” the first day of high school as a freshman.

The most boring class in high school was honors geometry. I was failing that class most of the time and I don't know how I passed both semesters. I had that class second hour after french and I never wanted to go because I didn’t talk to anyone since they were a year younger than me and no one was in my grade. Geometry in general was difficult for me and as much as I tried I didn’t understand most of the time what we were doing. It was if I was the slow turtle that couldn’t catch up with the rest of the group. I would have to stay after school sometimes for extra help but once I was in the class I was lost again. My teacher was not the best at teaching and that’s also why I did poor in that class and didn’t look forward to it every day. I don’t know how I survived the whole year if 90% of the time I didn’t understand.

(not my room but same color)

My high school bedroom evolution has changed since freshman year, I actually painted it a new color a day before the first day of high school. My room was pink and I had posters all over my wall of my favorite singers and pictures of my family and friends. I felt girly because it was pink and since I was already starting high school I felt that I needed to change it up a bit. So I changed the color to a turquoise and it’s been the same color ever since. I don’t have as much posters but I do have a few and some family pictures as well. I have less stuffed animals before my room was full of them. I sometimes still feel like my room looks too girly or not exactly how a 18 year old room should look like so i’m trying to change it up more but I never have time or I get lazy trying to figure out how to make it better. I mean my room is still looking good and it may not be the dream room that I want with a huge closet but it still decent and it feels like home when I step inside it.

First big mistake was going to a concert in Chicago for the whole day and my parents didn’t know about it but it was worth it. I've made many mistakes throughout my years in high school and I’ve learned from them and other times I’ve done them again. My first big mistake this senior year was the concert that I went to. I told my parents I was going to Chicago but didn’t say where or with who and little did they know I was going to be the whole day at a concert with my friend. They didn’t call me so I was not worried they would find out and instead I was enjoying every moment. I was watching my favorite artist so of course I was happy and excited to be thinking about my parents at that moment. I did try to get home early since I was out all day and that was the only thing that worried me because my parents would be mad if I came home late. I didn’t tell them in the first place because I knew they wouldn’t let me go and that’s why I had to lie to them. It was worth it but I won’t do it again or my parents won’t trust me in the future.

A great memory with my best friend was during my visit to Mexico last summer. We went to a party with other friends and it was enjoyable mostly because I hadn't been to a party in a while. We got to see fireworks since they're part of the tradition of having them at every towns party. Also I got to eat tamales and enchiladas which were delicious and tasted like heaven. After eating and going on rides we danced the rest of the night to almost every song that was played. My cousins went with us and I was dancing with them as well as my friends. It was a necessary night and it made my vacation ten times better. My best friend and I always manage to have fun and that night we sure did. Made new memories together and can't wait to make new ones this summer.

The day I felt the most accomplished was my sophomore year when I passed honors geometry with a C for second semester. I felt proud of myself because I actually put work and dedication every day to understand each lesson. I was pleased when I got a 70% on my final grade.That moment I knew that every headache, staying up late, and stressed days were worth it. It felt as if I had won an important award that was given to me for my effort. I was satisfied with my grade and felt lucky as a charm.

My “spot” during high school has been different corners in the school or hallways. It has changed throughout the years since classes change. At the corner is where we meet up after each period and catch up with one another or the gossip of the day. It’s the place where people know where to find you and you feel cool because they know that’s your spot. In high school it’s a thing to have a corner or chilling spot with your squad. In my first year when I would meet up with my friends it felt like we were in the mean girls movie and each of us looked like the characters since we walked like them and had our spot.

An embarrassing moment that I can clearly remember was my junior year. I was walking alone during class time to go to the bathroom and that precise that I decided to wear my adidas sandals. It’s a risky thing to wear them because you never know when you can trip or lose one. Well I was walking in the hallway all normal when all of a sudden my sandal decided to stick to the floor and I tripped. It was embarrassing because although it was during class time there was two guys walking behind me and saw when I almost fell to the floor on my face. I tried to act like nothing happened but nothing would change the fact that those two guys saw me. I quickly got back in balance and walked as fast as I could to the bathroom. I walked so fast it felt like I was part of the incredibles family with the superpower of speed. All that came to my mind at that moment was the thought of the guys laughing at me and probably telling other people how I almost fell. That has to be the most embarrassing moment I went through high school.

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