Fishing Guide A good job to show people where the fish are.

The job of a Recreational Guide or a Fishing Guide is to take people out fishing and teach them good ways to catch fish.

To be a Fishing Guide you need to: Know how to fish, know good spots to fish, you have to be social and a person that likes to be with people.

You have to be able to work for up to 14 hour days on the water and be with people for long hours.


Learned that being a Recreational Guide means you have to travel alot and not always have people to take out. You also have to be in the right place where people want to be taken out fishing.

There isn't many high classes that you HAVE to take. But you have to have so many years of college. But some hepful classes would be Hospitality, Physical Ed., Accounting, and First Aid.

The average yearly salary is $34,180 in the U.S., in MN it is $28,880. But the benefits are if you love fishing you get to do it every day. You get to teach other people how to fish good.

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