Chomp Carl HIaaSen

By: Raleigh Craft

Mystery, action, and humor

Mystery, action, humor, and exotic animals and settings, all tied together by a writer with an exceptional grasp of language, makes this a sure hit with any mystery-loving readers.”- School Library Journal


In this book, Wahoo and his father are animal wranglers and have money issues. They are offered a wrangling job with high pay, and accept. They soon realize that it was a bad decision because the show's star is accident prone, and is willing to kill the animals if they do something wrong. Soon, the star, Derek Badger, wants to "put reality back in to reality tv" by going completely wild with no tame animals in the Everglades. He tries to eat a bat, and disappears the next morning because the believes the Nightwing trilogy is real, and believes he is a vampire. A normal person would realize how silly it is, but Derek got an exotic infection, so his thinking is cloudy. He truly believes he is a vampire, and does things like shield himself from sunlight and tries to climb trees. Eventually, they find him and he is treated, but not before even more shenanigans occur. Somewhere along the way, they pick up a girl from a Walmart parking lot that Wahoo knew from school, that also has an abusive father. Somehow, the father found them, and is going crazy with a pistol loaded with slug shots. He climbs on an airboat with Wahoo's father, Mickey Cray, and orders him with the pistol to his forehead to find his daughter. He detours him around the Everglades without him even noticing because it was pouring rain. Eventually, the police catch him and put him in jail. Derek Badger is fired because of his actions and a Swiss man is put in place of him.

My Reccomendation

I would recommend this book to a person who loves comedy because this book was hilarious throughout, and had me laughing at some points because the character's shenanigans were original and I had not seen something like it in any other book or movie.

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